March has arrived with the hope of spring.
Yesterday, tricycle tires were spinning on the frozen pavement. . .
and this caused the miniatuare man (aka lil' farm hand) some musings which caused me to smile.
The miniature woman ( aka  .kanneloni macaroni). ..observed from her ride-on-van and did the sensible thing .. .
she got off and pushed. . .while he continued to spin his tires in one spot.
She . . .pushed her ride on van past him. . .smiling in the most innocent way.
He. . .backed up . . found some traction and made a run for it. . .
and motored past her in pure blissful relief.

May your March . ..find you some  pure.  ..blissful . ..relief.

all for now . .


  1. Did your orchid rebloom this year? We get so tickled when ours occasionally do that.
    I am looking forward to hear about you grand summer activities. They are so fun and capable at age three there are bound to be some great adventures.

  2. Oh....pretty, pretty, pretty! A magazine page for sure! Sounds like you were entertained yesterday. Happy March!

  3. Oh it looks so bright and fresh in very like March!

    Read yesterday's post, but didn't comment. If I had, I would've said something about how relaxing and wonderful foot massage is and how wise a little girl to learn it so early. Happy times...

  4. Your blog presentation is very promising that Spring is actually coming. Happy March to you! Those little ones are very entertaining...

  5. Your page looks so fresh and green. I love it. We had more snow last night here in Southern Alberta. It won't be letting up for another month at least.

  6. Love the photo! We are all ready for a little blissful relief from winter.

  7. The promise of Spring..even just on your page is encouraging already. Your observation (of the kids)brought a smile. You did get them out for some fresh air, I see.

  8. You have chosen a beautiful new template...somehow I had thoughts of creating something new for March 1, but I let the weather dictate the mood for another few days.
    I'm still waiting...but I must admit I love the crunch of snow.

  9. I don't think we'll be seeing much of spring for awhile.....oh well. Can't wait to see the new landscaping.


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