I'm  loving lilac everywhere I look this spring.
I noticed my lilac is thinking of spreading a little love of its own.
It's date day today. . .and I have a bit of lilac cotton yarn tucked in my handbag.
During our travels today . ..
I'll be keeping my eye open for some crisp cotton fabric to match.

I do hope you also find a bit of enjoyment in your day.  .dear ones.

All for now . .


  1. What a beautiful picture! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowering plants. I have fond memories of going outside when I was a child, and I would pick lilacs to surprise my mom with a big bouquet. I'm sure she saw me out there picking away, but she always acted surprised anyway! :-)

  2. Your lilac will soon be blooming and smelling so sweet. Enjoy your date day!

  3. I'm watching my miniature lilac that I planted last spring. Once again it looks like I'll have some wonderful smelling blooms as well. They are so pretty. I hope you are successful i your hunt for the right lilac shade today....have a fun filled day!

  4. Your lilacs are ahead of our lilacs, so it will be a while yet.
    I wonder what the lilac fabric is for....

  5. Have fun on your date Lovella. I do hope my little lilac bush will throw out some buds this year...

  6. Have a fun date day. Love the budding of the lilacs, we're still waiting on ours.

  7. Lilacs are my A-1 very favorite flower! And mine are just about to pop open, and for a week or so our whole yard will smell like heaven! Oh, and I firmly believe that heaven WILL smell like lilacs!

  8. Have a wonderful date day Lovella and Terry. Hmmm, what could you be making with lilac fabric.
    Our lilac is so far from budding, and I love it when they do,too bad it is such a short season.

  9. Ohhh ... my lilac trees are only at the tiny green bud stage! I do love lilacs!
    Have a very happy 'date day' ... and don't poke Terry with your knitting needles !
    Bet I can guess what you knitting! smile..

  10. I'm enjoying my little lilac tree with buds just like that right outside our kitchen window. It's my favorite tree to watch in the Spring ... the only one that I take ownership of with pruning...
    enjoy the day.. hope you find the lilac to match your yarn.

  11. I'm liking lilac as well...and can't wait for the bushes to bloom. I just downloaded a pattern to make a wee lilac hat...with a floppy flower. Enjoy your day out and about!

  12. Beautiful close up photo!

    I love the smell of lilacs and lavender and have both growing in my garden. I hope the harsh winter we had ( and cold Spring) does not harm their growth and re-blooming. We may be getting some snow tonight!

  13. Lilacs are one of my most favorite spring flowers. Unfortunately they don't grow well here in the southern USA. When I lived in Michigan I attended a wedding reception outdoors when the many lilac bushes were in full bloom. It was not only beautiful, but I will never forget the heavenly smell.
    Your photo is so pretty.
    Have fun on your date day.

  14. Mmm - lilac - my favourite spring aroma!! Have fun on your date day!

  15. Lilacs make me think of the back garden at my family home in Coventry, England. There was a bush close to the back door and the fragrance greeted you there.

    And....It was SOOO good to meet you today and chat, Lovella!

    Thank you for taking the time..( and now I realize Terry (on your date!) was waiting in the car for you.....I did not realize until I read your blog....sorry to have delayed you....

    But... how good and pleasant it was to have fellowship in Safeway! (:

  16. I am sure hoping that we get to see the finished project, especially if it involves anything with Lilacs.

  17. I did have to laugh when I bought Michael a new tie with lilac in it for his birthday!! Ha ha ha!! You've made me take more notice of that color this spring. :) Hope you have a great date day!

  18. Oh I'm coveting your Lilac bushes are still far behind here in chilly Ontario!



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