Irish Stew

I expect that if you invited all your Irish friends and family over for dinner tonight you will not be just beginning to look this morning for an Irish recipe on Mennonite Girls Can Cook for your supper idea. 
If you did happen to invite 30 people to dinner and you are stumped as to what you will serve them.  ..
then rush on over there to find the Irish Stew to serve tonight.

It is a lot of experimenting that goes on over here.
When the experiments start to involve large groups of people the credit goes to the lot of them for taking part in what will eventually be a good idea.
A few weeks back I made this Irish Stew for our Pastorate Group.
It was enjoyed by all and the roasting pan was scraped clean.

It's hard to go wrong when you use some simple fresh vegetables that are readily available all year round.
A sprinkle of fresh herbs . ..some stock and a pile of home made meatballs and you have yourself a stew.

I'm always working on ideas for groups of 25.  What is your favorite simple menu idea for a group?
While you are at it. .. jot down a list of people to invite over for a simple meal and a piece of pie.
Next. ..pick a date way in distance before people make plans. .
and then call them up.

When you invite people into your home you are telling them you value them and your relationship has worth.
When you make them a meal you not only satisfy their hunger you are also satisfying a human need we all have for companionship.

Blessing on you as you make your home. . .
a place where people feel welcome.

The story of St. Patricks Day Can be found here. ..

all for now . .
with love,


  1. Perfect food to feed a crowd....add pie....I really like that too.

  2. I love it covered the celebration well for today..Irish stew and I see green celery on your post:)

  3. I like your Irish/Mennonite blessing at the end of your post!

    The stew alone would be worth coming for...but to enjoy it with a group of 30 friend, would make it most memorable.

  4. You read my mind because I was thinking about making some Irish Stew. It is a good encouragement to have people in for a meal. Good thoughts Lovella!

  5. This seems so funny...Mennonites trying to post Irish recipes...but it shows you how we love cultural diversity in our Canadian country.

  6. Hi Sweet Lovella;

    Just stopping in to catch up with you, life has become so busy in motherhood that I haven't had much time blogging (or keeping up with dear friends like you who God brought to me through the blessing of this bloggy world).

    Your blog is beautiful, your pictures amazing...and I see He continues to grow you and use you in greater ways.

    Be blessed my friend.

    Nice to catch up with you again.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  7. With family so spread out, I rarely have large gatherings anymore. You have inspired me to start thinking about who I might bring together for food and fellowship. This recipe looks delicious and finishing it up with a homemade pie or two sounds perfect.

  8. I venture to guess that there is not a blogger out here in the blogging world, that would not want to sit down to this dinner. Eye appeal, mouth-watering food, and a welcome like you extended...what could be better!

  9. As always, you amaze me with your hospitality! Next big event will be Easter, which just happens to fall on a family birthday. Otherwise, if I were to serve a crown, it'd be spaghetti or lasagna. I just find those the easiest to pull off. How can one go wrong?

    Let us know how the evening went!

  10. Thanks for the encouragement to hospitality. It seems to be a dying art....


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