field work

I wondered yesterday as I watched out my living room what it feels to know someone is watching your every move.  As the farmer across the road broke apart the hard soil ... I watched as the field turned over revealing the damp dark earth.  The ill disguised seagulls that appreciate farm lands whether they be green or brown .. clearly see something from their vantage point drawing their webbed feet to pad about after the tractor has cut it's swath.

I sat at my front room window with my book in hand . . .
focusing at first on the words and then on the scene unfolding before me.
The silence was broken by the phone and the still high voice of grandgirlie with her enquiring mind.
"what you doing grammie".  ..she wondered?
and I returned the question with one of my own. . .
"what are you doing?" I asked.
"eating lunch" .. .came her reply with the additional information of what was on her menu.

Later in the day ..
I nearly preserved my beloved during dinner.
Had the meal been a test of my abilities in the kitchen. .
I would have been sent back to Foods 9.
While some men would have mentioned the salty fare throughout the remainder of the evening ..
mine brought me a large glass of water and a piece of dark chocolate .. .
since he knows how well sweet and salty go together.

It's a grammie day today. . .
so there will be no danger of a flat bottom or idle hands.

all for now . .


  1. Look at those seagulls! The dirt really looks great worked over like that. Enjoy your grammie day!

  2. I love that photo Lovella!
    Salty fare you say? I've been there and done that:) Aww, how sweet of Terry to bring you a glass of water and some chocolate:)

  3. What a great photo... It's always fun to read your posts because you weave the description of your day together so well. So you watched the farmer who never knew that you were watching so closely; you took a sweet phone call from a grand; you nearly pickled your hubby with too much much fun! Enjoy your Grammie Day!

  4. I am already thanking the farmer for whatever he will be growing.
    Say, isn't there a Mennonite food for Shrove or Fat Tuesday? Some pancake sorta thing?

  5. I love this post! Love the picture, so strange to see seagulls with a farmer. That's not the norm here.

  6. Great photo! I'm smiling about the previous comment...seagulls following the farmer are the norm over here.

    I'm having Grammy day over here as well today. Have a good one!

  7. Enjoy your Grammie day, Lovella!
    Is the farmer done?... I'm sure the kids would love to watch...too bad it's raining.

  8. Hey, this photo touches the heart of any man outstanding in his field....
    I love it...and yes the seagulls, is a must...
    I will be sharing Oma days for 5 days and I love every minute of it.

  9. Flat bottom and idle hands ..... I love that!

  10. Perfect combination of detail moments of a special day!
    Too much salt... awww... it led to chocolate, didn't it ? smile

    Love your photos and also your header .. very beautiful!


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