Yesterday .. .a group representing the Mennonite Girls Can Cook travelled across the line to meet up with Ellen, our one American Mennonite Girl Can Cook to help her celebrate her birthday.
It was a co-ed party .. .so we all brought our husbands along as did she.

We travelled down the Pacific Coast  along the scenic Chuckanut Drive.

It is narrow and curvy and I took a bit of ginger before we left to ward off the car sickness that often comes along with me on scenic routes such as this.

We met half way .. .Ellen and the rest of us.

Since we met late afternoon .. .
we had the restaurant almost to ourselves.
When we sang happy birthday in four part harmony to Ellen. .
a little three year old girl came over to our table with her daddy to see Ellen.
It seemed that it was her 3rd birthday .. .
so we treated her to another round of happy birthday in four part harmony. .
to which we received a smile. ..
and a personal goodbye later when she left.

The restaurant has plenty of windows facing the west side towards the ocean.

I'll be craving more of this crab in the days to come.
The food was fantastic.

Ellen had crab cakes.

Some opted for very healthy halibut.

Only in a blogging group can you get up from the table when the food arrives to take pictures of each others food.

Ellen was given the ceremonial loaf of bread to take care of until our next occasion to be together.

Before she took it into her safe keeping.  .
the bread for the journey was signed by those who have kept it safe since summer.

The girls stood together for our group photo with Ellen on her birthday.
(l-r  .. Marg, Kathy, Anneliese, Ellen, Lovella, Judy)

We have noted that the Mennonite boys that eat the cooking. . .
get along just fine.

Hours later after we arrived. .
the sun set. .
and we said our goodbyes.

We missed those that could not come ..
so of course another party is in the works.

So .. .what about Ellen you ask?
Ellen  is a beautiful soul.
She is kind and generous both in spirit and in life.
She loves her family.
She has a sense of humor and always has a ready smile.

We all love Ellen and I am deeply grateful that God brought her to the Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

Happy 60th Birthday Ellen!


  1. What a lovely afternoon that must have been. The food looks wonderful. Good friends, good food, good conversation - even with the rain that you had yesterday!

  2. What a beautiful location for a get-together meal. Loved that you took pictures for the foodies among us. It's interesting to see the differences between your post and Judy's, yet both are honoring Ellen's very special day.

  3. My husband hates it if I take pictures of my food in a restaurant. Lol.
    I live in B.C. so next time I cross the line, I mean the border, I will keep this lovely place in mind.
    I'll have the halibut please.

  4. What a beautiful place to celebrate our beautiful friend! Happy Birthday, Ellen~

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet words Lovella. It was such a fun afternoon and evening.

  6. Ellen must be so tickled to find herself with a new set of friends at this stage of her life. The men must have enjoyed meeting each other too; their roll in the success of the MGCC is well worth celebrating together.

  7. Good food...good friends...perfect location...and a wonderful woman to celebrate! It was such a good time.

  8. It was a wonderful way to celebrate with Ellen... and so fun to have our hubbies be a part of it and enjoy it too.
    I always like seeing the same thing from our different perspectives too... I'm reminded of Matthew, Mark Luke and John ...
    Not that our stories are in the same league, but non-the-less ... our stories.

  9. It was so wonderful that you could all meet Ellen and help her celebrate her special milestone birthday together! The food looked delicious, and like you, Lovella, I would have chosen the crab as my entree.

    I would have loved to hear you all sing in four part harmony..the next time someone has to bring a video camera and record it!

  10. That crab really was tasty! We have to go back for more....and the cheese cake....so creamy! It was a wonderful time together!

  11. And the coconut prawns....amazing!

  12. She is a jewel. God used her greatly in my life when I found her blog...to lift me up.

  13. What a wonderful memory and recap of a night that I wish would last forever. Looks like those men enjoy the company...who knows what's next on the agenda...You know my ADDRESS!

  14. Ellen is a young looking 60 year old lady. The celebration in such a beautiful place, seems like the perfect way to share such a special occasion. Good food, candlelight, and treasured friends, the ingredients for a memorable evening.


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