Before ...

The moss in the front yard is greening up.
The snow from last weekend has melted.
We are thinking about doing some re-landscaping.

I don't recall though . .
these holes part of the plan.
What is he up to now?

Stick with me. .
and I'll let you know as soon as I do.

all for now. .


  1. Well now, I've only "known" your hubby for a few years now, but usually whatever he does turns out great so I have complete faith in him as I know you do. It's going to be great...whatever it is!

  2. That must be one big gopher! Keep an eye on him as he sets his boundaries.

  3. I have an idea but I'll keep it to myself and just wait and see the final result.

  4. Marilyn - Shady Oak FarmMarch 02, 2011 7:21 AM

    Seeing your spring setting in on your farm makes me miss our little place. We raised pature raised chickens and sold them along with eggs and an assortment of other small farm items. Right now we would be enjoying the new born goats and the new chicks that would be delivered in about May. Thanks for letting me live a little of our farm life thru your blog. Love it!

  5. Whatever it is, it will be something big, as that's a lot of digging!

  6. I would have thought he would have used you as a consultant! Looking forward to seeing the 'after' post.

    Is it really that green at your place? Our lawn is still white this morning.

  7. I am thinking fence posts. Your front yard could become just as usable as your back yard for cousin camp fun.

  8. Kathy calls it a gopher...I see large mole hills, preparing to put in a fence to keep those little grands safe....

  9. I had to smile when I saw the picture... even the holes and piles of dirt are so perfect & neatly done. Is there ever anything out of place or messy at your house? I think not! :)

  10. Planting something? Fence hole posts? Looking for gophers :)

    Love your new spring look!! Send some of it our way.


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