I was remembering yesterday how my Dad used to rub our feet.
As long as he lived . .
I would often lay down on the floor and put my legs up where his hands could easily reach them.
The moment of this photograph brought his loving touch back to my memory.

Grandgirlie ...chillin' on the couch with me. .
legs crossed .. .on my lap.

Her toddler days seem to be vanishing.
I hope I'll never forget her cheerful baby girl ways . .
and her vast capacity for finding life exciting.

Today is a grammie day with lil' farm hand and Kanneloni Macaroni.
I wonder what the day will bring . .
which moments I'll want to commit to memory here on the blog.

all for now .. .


  1. Sweet moments that connect you in memory across the generations. That was a lovely reminder to me of how my dad used to rub our heads - there's still nothing I like better. Have a fun Grammie day!

  2. Precious moments. Priceless! I can relate. It seems my grandgirlies are growing up faster than my boys did. Of course, as "Nanas" & "Grammies" we've done this before so we know the wisdom in slowing down, soaking 'them' up and enjoying every minute. I too have moments when an activity with them prompts memories of my childhood as well. I can only hope that one day they'll say "I remember when my Nana used to do that with me" ... Enjoy my friend -- I'll be here in West Virginia with my 'Boochie' girl doing the same!

  3. Wonderful Lovella. Isn't it great the things that can be documented and remembered via a blog. Sweet! Have a good grammie day...

  4. Enjoy your day of touching, cuddling, playing & making memories!

  5. I think we all have memories of that...I also remember on trips, when the kids would put there feet between the bucket seats and show me their squishy toes just because they wanted to be rubbed. I love it myself.

  6. Yes.. it's good to look for those precious moments! I love that picture! Have a great day!

  7. I know how you feel...time slips by so quickly...I'm sure your little grand will also always remember your loving touch....and times together. I imagine you having a sweet little talk there on the couch.


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