the team

Isn't it a privilege to serve?
We think so too.
For the second time in as many years we've been invited to share in the evening to appreciate our pastors.

Our reputation had followed us from last year because this year we were noted to be the "team".
Working with women in a kitchen seemed to be my theme for the weekend and  as with the previous group of my girls. ..this set of girlfriends (Dorothy, Linda and Hilda) also are a blessing.

The girls pretty much stayed in the kitchen while the guys served each course and then took care of the washing of dishes and cutlery in "their" kitchen ..
while we cleaned up the kitchen and washed the pots and pans.

By the end of the evening  ...
we had next years menu sorted out and a few other items of discussion as well.

And who are the good folks that open their luxury inn for an evening everyone enjoys?
They are Richard and Dorothy of Sweet Dreams.
No matter who comes to their door ..
they arrive to a warm welcome and leave well fed and rested.

all for now ..


  1. Has it been a whole year?
    There's something wonderful that happens in a kitchen when good friends work together. I've experienced it only a few times - something between the greatest, most fun 'camp' chore and precision drill!

  2. Looks like a great team with good results! What a blessing...

  3. What a gift of affirmation that evening must be for your pastoral team. And you have the bonus of working in a kitchen creating good food with good friends. Sounds like a win/win night.

  4. Serving with friends is the best! I wonder how those who serve alone in far off places manage day by day.

    Happy to read about pastor's being appreciated by those they serve.

  5. As a pastor's wife, I say how very sweet!!

  6. What a beautiful kitchen to work in with good friends! It looks like you all prepared a wonderful dinner for a wonderful occasion.

  7. Cooking classes too? You are truly branching out and blossoming. The team looks great and so does the food you prepared.

  8. That kitchen looks like a wonderful place to prepare food with friends to show appreciation for wonderful pastors. And to have everything all planned in advance for next year is marvelous. I think that's why so many of us feel overwhelmed by such things...the planning.

    I enjoyed a baking day with a grand today and incorporated some of what you do with yours. The folded hands was perfection! I'd never have thought of it until seeing your little grandgirlie's hands folded waiting patiently.

  9. I'm so glad that you reserved your special apron for other events. What a wonderful idea to serve the pastors. They need to be bless continuously. Your servant heart will always be appreciated.
    May you enjoy the next few days and hopefully you will stay out of the kitchen....

  10. Truly a gift of love! You ladies are a great team.....everything looks so nice.

  11. I understand how it is that your reputation followed you. Serving those who faithfully serve you must have been a real privilege, especially in such a beautiful location. I like the whole concept of this event.

  12. Fun to see the pictures! What a delightful evening it must have been for everyone involved.


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