sitting in a sunny spot

We have the draft  in our hands. . .
reading and reading it for things the eyes missed the reads before.
The sun was shining in through the back door and so I moved my office there.

My mom would have been 89 today.
I might have been tempted to put a 8X10 glossy of her on my story page .. .
but I didn't need to.
She is woven through the book in places only I know about.

As I turn each page .. .
I see a blend of women who each have been blessed with wise and loving mentors in their lives.
It could feel like a weight to know that the responsibility is now ours ... .
but it is a joy that resonates in the words.

Someone said yesterday to me .. .
it matters how you live your life. .
but it matters most how you finish.

My beloved and I remembered again the other day the way my mom would tilt her head towards her shoulder and quietly giggle when she was tickled pink.

I expect she would be fairly pink these days.
Happy Birthday dear mom.

all for now . .


  1. I can just see her little head tilt and then that sweet smile of hers.....such wonderful memories you have. I know she would have been tickled pink for you as she shared your dreams.
    Here we are...i sat up last night dong the same thing on the drast.....this is such a fun journey together...tickled pink with you!

  2. What a great place to be, in the sunshine, with good memories and loved project in hand. I think that is all your mom could have wanted for her birthday, just to know her daughter was doing so well.

  3. I love your 'new office' Lovella:) If your Mom was still with you she would have curled up right beside you and smiled 'pinkly' as you check and recheck:)

  4. Glad you found that sunshine for your work and your sweet memories...

  5. Ellen wrote just what I was about to write - I hope you have a day full of sweet memories of your mum and lovely sunshine to bask in those memories.

  6. I love this post, Lovella. Today I need to find a sunny spot and look through that manual . . .
    We can be thankful today for the heritage we have . . . for our moms, who play a big part in this book because of the things they modelled to us.
    May you feel hugged by your mom today as you miss her so.

  7. I'm with a sunny spot, enjoying the memories...draft in hand! How special that our mom's share a birthday.

  8. I'm thankful for sweet memories and the comfort they bring us. I can only imagine your mom would be proud of you. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I love your office ;)

  9. Just sweet, really sweet. All of it, the sunshine, the cookbook, the memories of your mom...

  10. I know without a doubt, that your mother would be so proud of you and your vast accomplishments. What a sweet memory of your mother.

  11. I love that photo. So much in it that I love -- the light, the cup, the papers, etc.

    I'm so excited for your book...I often marvel and how like our moms we daughters become. I never met my maternal grandmother but try to figure out what she was like by watching how I've become like my mom and wondering what things she got from her mom.

  12. How you must miss her. What a lovely tribute to your mom. She would be so proud of you and is probably pointing you out to all her loved ones in heaven. "Look there - in that sunbeam - that's my girl - isn't she terrific!"


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