pee wee's


Yesterday. ..  I sent a text to Grandgirlies house to check on her recovery from her tummy troubles.
With extraordinary promptness. . .
the answer came back that indeed she had recovered and was feeling particularly ambitious and it seemed that a change of scenery was in order.

So ..I picked her up and we headed into the hen house since we heard that the spring hens are beginning to lay.
We thought we might gather up some pee wee eggs for our lunch.


Pee wee eggs are fantastically well shelled and are good eggs for beginner bakers.
They hardly ever break when they are dropped.
When they do break. . .the egg whites are so well shaped that one sheet of paper towel picks it up for a quick clean up.


As I mentioned earlier. ..Grandgirlie was feeling ambitious and with her usual enthusiasm. ..she  has a fantastic ability to move continuously so when I asked her to hold her hands still while Grammie did flashless photography. . .
she said. . ."okay grammie" while she held her hands very still and danced with her feet.

I helped her gently tap the eggs on the counter but she reminded me she could divide the eggs apart and drop the contents into a custard cup. 
I aim to have all the grands cracking eggs like a pro by the time they start kindergarten.
I haven't checked kindergarten curriculum's lately but no grand of mine will be caught unable to crack open an egg.

My newest cookbook investment is one that you will hear me referring to in the coming days.
The Amish Cook's Baking Book is filled with love and inspiration and the recipes and the photos had me inspired before I tested the first one.

The Amish cooks  World's Best Sugar Cookies had to be tested and since it seemed her children could manage helping . . .
I only reasoned that my wee sous chef could too.

She did just fine. . ..dipping her glass into the sugar bowl to press down her cookies.

The cookies were quite tasty. . .
if we did say so ourselves.

She took home "her" pan. . .which included a good addition of sprinkles to show her sister Little Miss Muffet.

After a lunch of some fresh from the hen house eggs and brown toast. . .
she said she was ready it was time to take her  home.

When I arrived back home. . .
I straightened out the kitchen and tidied away the books. . .
and called my beloved in for a hot cup of coffee.

A morning well spent.

all for now. . .


  1. ..and danced with her feet :-)

    Our grandson Henry is ill with the stomach's really going around and it is nasty.

    I purchased, years ago, the original Amish Cook cookbooks that Kevin self published, and I believe were written by Lovina's mother before she passed away suddenly. They are excellent, I'll have to look for this one.

    Have a wonderful day, Lovella!

  2. Laughing at all her "bling", totally coordinated and just right for a morning of decorating cookies.

  3. You have the cutest baking apprentices.

  4. A lovely morning spent baking with an enthuiastic grand..what could be more fun! I love the idea of only showing hands. I am thoroughly enjoying that cookbook too.

  5. Sweet pic's! I bookmarked that same recipe in my new cookbook...thinking of an apprentice or two who might join me in trying it out. Now...where to find pee wee almost unbreakable eggs.

  6. How sweet....looks like that book is flying off the shelves. I love her know me and bracelets.

  7. Love the hands and how you mirrored the Amish cookbook that way! Crack an egg before they hit kindergarten, I'll have to remember that :o)

  8. I would say that's the loveliest kind of morning!

    Love "seeing" the grandgirlie in action!

    Now I'll have to have a look for that cookbook - Mennonite cooking is my favourite!

  9. I remember not too long ago you mentioned that you can hardly wait to be able to bake with your grands.. and here you are! Love this post! I'm going to have to get the cookbook... if only for the pictures! .. but those cookies with pink icing are calling my name.

  10. I'm glad your grandgirl was feeling better! The cookies she made look very pretty. That sounds like a wonderful cookbook!

    My husband and I have often visited the Pennsylvania Amish and enjoyed their delicious apple butters, jams and jellies that we've found for sale.

  11. Another who folds her hands while the mixer does its work. Her bracelets are so sweet and I loved reading the descriptions of her.

  12. Looks like we both had similiar days with those little ones.
    Do you make them crack them open and wipe the shells with their fingers?
    My daughters' still remember that about me making sure we had every drop of egg white included. NO waste was allowed.
    I too, smiled at her jewelry.

  13. What a lovely post, Lovella - I love your "Amish style" photos. So much fun for you to have your grand-girlie bake with you.

  14. This is an adorable post. Grandgirlie's tiny hands holding that precious. How many children start their school years with the knowledge of how to efficiently crack open eggs? What a good grandma!


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