new carpet

How do you feel about the smell scent of new carpet?
Since we have no floor to floor carpets in the bungalow it is a novelty to go into someones new home and breathe in the distinct new carpet scent.
I've heard it makes some people sick.  Not me. . .I like it.

When my beloved talked about making a rod out of an old truck .. .
one of my first enquiries was of the interior ride scent.

I'm not a big fan of the Pine Tree's that hang from little strings. 
My dad was either a fan of them or not of the other option.
I'm also not a fan of musty smells.
Living in the bungalow with a dirt crawlspace has me keenly aware of such things.
When we've vacated the bungalow for vacations and no one has cooked in my absence we often come home to a musty welcome.  I go to great lengths to be sure that all the beds are occupied while we are away.
My beloved assured me that the truck would smell new.

This last summer when we took it out on the road we sat upon our seat that fits the truck perfectly.
Who would have known that finding a perfect seat would be such a challenge.
The back needed to be quite slimline to avoid losing leg space and it needed to have a seat that wasn't too thick so that our heads would show through the windows at the right height while we drove.

The outcome was found at the wreckers.
A seat in good condition that could be reupholstered.
He scrubbed the cover down for immediate use and we drove around with the interior lacking carpet and new upholstery. While it did not smell musty with new paint .. .
it also did not provide me with new carpet scent.

This winter he got a few quotes and quickly came back to the drawing board to look for other options.

His latest do it yourself project has been the carpet.
He measured . ..and fit and laid it down.
He has done a bit of hand sewing which I have scrutinized and declared well done.

The seat .. .which did go to the shop will be home soon.

The sun has been out the last few days.
Once the roads are free of calcium and sand. .. .
we'll be back to cruising. . .
with the distinct scent of fresh carpets.
As with all my 1950 Mercury Truck posts .. .this one is also for documentation purposes.
You just never know when someone will want to know the whole story.

all for now ...


  1. There's nothing like that new-car smell, and it sounds as though your Beloved has replicated that for you.
    Hand sewing - well that's something!

  2. That is a very nice job for sure! It will be fun to go cruising. This old house could use all new carpeting and flooring!!
    What do people do with all the furniture and stuff when an old house gets recarpeted? Wish I had a magic wand...

  3. I'm impressed with your do-it-yourself guy! How did he learn to sew? I'm with the new-carpet scent.

  4. You have every detail perfectly documented. Smell is very important.

  5. To make an old jalopy not only look new but smell new ... that is quite the feat! I think this project has been most interesting to follow. The carpet is definetely the icing on the cake. . . . as is the wooden floor in the back. Enjoy the newness!

  6. What fun it will be to cruise in your newly renovated pick-up. But I really dislike the new carpet smell. I open the windows wide and let the fresh air blow through every day until it's gone. I hate to think what those chemicals are doing to my dwindling brain cells.

  7. I love the smell of a new vehicle with carpets and leather. Maybe your husband's next project could be to invent an air freshner...with that wonderful smell. You could both retire.
    It's definitely time to take a road trip...Where should we cruise?

  8. You like the smell of new carpets? I go a mile to avoid that one. It sure looks fantastic though!

  9. Mennonite modern buggy looking good all around.
    Ancestors would be proud!

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  11. It sounds like you will be riding in style, Lovella!

    Our car's carpet mat have had a work out this winter with snowy boots melting on them all the time.

  12. Very nice :)
    Does he make you take off your shoes when you get in? haha

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