mondays millions but much more

Sure. . .and you are likely shaking your head in despair that I would put a screen on your screen.
It's not meant to give you double vision .. .
nor is it meant to be an exercise in reviewing for the sake of remembrance.

It's just that I use this blog to document the milestones in my life ...
and I don't imagine I'll ever note two million on this blog .. .
so I need to take advantage of the help of friends.

I am amazed at the kindness of commenters.
I read each and everyone of the comments that came in yesterday.

Out of the hundreds I read. . .a few stood out to me.

  • the comment from . . . S. who shared my sandbox with me when we were tiny girls .. .
  • the comment from V who I used to sing in choir with and was one of our first encourager's . . .
  • the comment from a reporter who not only reports but encourages as well. . .
  • the comment from Debbie  M. . .who always makes me smile when she leaves her name.  ..(she has no idea what that means to us bloggers when someone is not only willing to encourage. . .but is willing to sign for it too!)
  • Comments from dear nieces who I'm sure will be getting a book but took the time to say congratulations anyways.
  • The comment from my florist.  ..who creates beauty for others everyday.
  • Comments from those that are our regular commenters and today had to fight for comment space . we know you are our loyal commenters and we appreciate you so much.

There are so many others that I have not mentioned but were appreciated all the same.
So many of you we have never met and yet your kindness speaks volumes.

Really . .when I think about it ..
the blog is as much about the people who read it as it is the blog itself.
Would it make any sense to record recipes if no one ever made them?
No of course not.

Thanks for being part of our party.
Our life is richer for having you part of our journey. ..
and we're glad you've come along.

all for now . .


  1. Lovella, I love your blog! Thanks for sharing & allowing me to be part of your journey!

  2. Funny....I took the same picture of my screen when the count was at 2 million. I too thank everyone for there kind comments and it was fun to have those we know post a comment.

  3. Funny....I took the same picture of my screen when the count was at 2 million. I too thank everyone for there kind comments and it was fun to have those we know post a comment.

  4. MGCC has a life all its own...which is wonderful...and you, my dear, have such a way with words. No, it's more about think of things and speak it in wonderful ways. That's all. Over and out. Stay well!!

  5. Of course you had to document that milestone!

  6. Love it Lovella..we need to document these milestones in our lives and I too read all the wonderful comments. Thank you to each one!

  7. Silly me, at first I tried scrollling down on that second screen... had not finished my coffee yet...Oh, I agree with all that you are saying here, Lovella!
    It's so much about the people who actually read & cook from the blog ...I was overwhelmed yesterday as well as encouraged to keep going.
    I never got to see the exact 2M number ... I would have loved to take a photo too.

  8. It's fun to watch that counter move....and share some milestones with each other...This journey has been way beyond my dreams.

  9. So happy for you all - what an adventure!

  10. Isn't it just crazy fun to see something like that happen?

    And to think the guys take pictures when their car's milage meter flips to 100,000 miles...

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  12. A moment in time...documented here lest the memory fades! Who would have thought?

  13. I love your blog and am so happy to see that you've reached another milestone. I'm just happy to be getting close to 30,000 myself - baby steps. It really is amazing how just the smallest compliment can really give you the encouragement you need to keep going! Sometimes, you feel like you're just writing and posting for yourself! Your blog is one of my inspirations!

  14. I second everything you said Lovella. Well put. Our readers are who made the blog a success!

  15. I am so proud of all of you! What an amazing accomplishment for a special group of ladies, and you are right, the visits and comments make all the difference. I consider it a privilege to be on the sidelines looking in on this big happening.

  16. I absolutely love your blog. You're a spot of inspiration and brightness every day. Life is so full of blessings to celebrate, the little things that truly matter, and I so enjoy the fact that you do it so well on your blog.
    And the MGCC blog is fantastic. What a wonderful milestone!

  17. Oh she would!

    I am every year surprised that you and Judy have so much in common. What a wonderful thing a poor memory can be!


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