making cakes for mommy

Valentines day fell on a regular "grammie camp".
So. . .we just worked it into our regular activities.
Kanneloni Macaroni .. .wanted to bake a cakes for mommy.

I smiled when I saw that they do this with their mommy.
How did I know?
They fold their hands while the mixer is on.

They entertained each other when there were no more ingredients to add to the bowl.

They also seemed to know that the it was their job to test.

It's all good.
Grammie camp ended early. . .
we grilled up some burgers  ...ate cakes. .
and when the weather became marvellously blustery . .
we called it a night.

It was a wonderful Valentines day.

all for now . ..
with love,


  1. Ohhh those grands of yours are so adorable and well trained. I'm going to do the "fold hands" thing the next time I'm dealing with a grand and a mixing bowl at the same time. I'll pray that it works. :D

  2. Super sweet in every way! They are adorable kids.
    PS is that your towel hanging on the stove?:):)

  3. My little 10 month old grand girlie Maggie is coming to visit all day Thursday - can't wait - we're going to mix up a cake - she loves to play with the measuring spoons and she makes her own motor sound while the mixer is running! She stays in her highchair for now. Then we're going to read a book and hopefully take a nap! Your grands are so sweet!

  4. I think you had the best sort of Valentine's day. That picture of the two of them gazing at the mixer is a keeper.

  5. Are they not adorable?
    They are so they do just what mommy says...for awhile anyways.
    Wait till they want to push all the buttons on and off.

  6. Yet another reason to admire Bea's parenting skills: she has anticipated a possible childish impulse and found a simple way to prevent it.
    That is such good thing!

  7. I can just imagine the activity around that mixer and waiting for those cakses to come out of the oven. They are so cute!
    I can see you did not have your steaks for dinner? Maybe tonite's the nite!

  8. What beautiful children! Isn't it great to have all those little helpers! Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


  9. fun fun fun!! I must get a heart-shaped cake pan. For future grandkid baking sprees. I live in hope! :)

  10. Those are just the cutest grands:)

  11. It looks like the perfect activity for Grammie-camp on Valentine's Day! Fun all around...and treats to eat in the end.

  12. Oh those precious babes! Cute & helpful too ... what more could you ask for Grammie? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love those little spectators and testers! So cute. Yes blustery it did get!

  14. you grandbabies are getting so big!! (as are mine) these are the most precious times...

  15. Good morning, Lovella!
    It has been a while since I have "visited" and I can't believe how big the children have become!!!
    Those little hands together is THE best!

    In His grace,

  16. I love the folded hands -- must remember that. Wish I could come to the cooking class.

  17. Such a sweet post! I wish I lived closer to my grandson so we could bake together. His Daddy ( my son) is a wonderful cook so I have a feeling my grandson will be too!

    Hope you had a wonderful valentine's Day, Lovella!


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