east versus west and those inbetween

It's no secret at all that I am a weather watcher.
Since I began my blogging "career". . .the weather in parts where my friends reside causes me a good amount of wonder.
I look at the Global weather map and note the provinces and states that are being afflicted by weather woes.
When parties of my friends are planned and then cancelled due to weather issues and grounded planes. . .
I commiserate with them and feel the disappointment of plans gone awry.

Those of you on the east coast and in the Midwest and in the prairies often wonder at why I live in Canada but am strolling through the countryside late in January ..
picking Pussy Willows of all things.
The map above illustrates why.
Our weather systems generally come from the Pacific. . .and often from the south west instead of the northwest.
When we do get the odd bit of winter. . .
it's because an arctic front is on its way from the North East.
When the winds blow from the NE. . .winter has arrived.
It is generally cold as the Arctic outflow winds race along the Fraser River Valley and we get a taste of what the rest of you endure for months on end.

If you note the screen above. . you can see Vancouver Island at the most southern tip of where Canada meets the USA. 
We live in a large valley that ends where the Pacific Ocean begins.
We are surrounded by the beautiful coastal mountains on three sides and all winter long we are provided with the gorgeous snow crested mountain tops.

There is your weather lesson of why I live in Canada but rarely have snow.
On the screen above. . .
you can see what is typical for us.
Before you feel too sorry for us and our temperatures.. . .remember that Canada uses metric and so the numbers you see are just above freezing aside from that chilly minus one.
A occasional day of sun. . .a good amount of cloud cover .. .
and am ample amount of rain.

I'll just keep watching your forecasts. . .
they are interesting. . .
even from a distance.

all for now. .


  1. My mum and dad are SO glad to be here as storms batter their home back east! What a week they're having in other parts of the country.....while we look at the daffodils popping out of the soil.

  2. Hmmm, yes. That's about right. Hope that all is well in your corner.

  3. You are the storm watcher.....and that is a nasty one.

  4. Our neighbour, who does our plowing, just drove through our lane pushing the snowbanks back - getting us ready. I don't think it will be so bad here on the Island - just snow and a bit of wind.

    Hope you stay cosy and dry!

  5. We do live in my favorite part of the country. It's the best place to come home to! No rain in today's forecast...so it's time to take down the outdoor Christmas lights (at long last!).

  6. We have a weather prediction every Christmas in our family...I remember you posting about the weather way back...I was looking for it the other day...After watching your debut on CTV, I was wondering why you did not take on the career as the Weather announcer....You would be so good at it.
    You can still do it.

  7. Ha! I've been watching, too. Had to contact my Dallas brother to see how they were fairing. We really do live in a more mild climate then most...

  8. This is a great explanation of our weather - something to link to when people ask why we live in Canada and have such mild winters.

  9. You do live in a beautiful area of Canada, Lovella.

    So far the big snow storm the midwest of the US received yesterday missed us, and we've had icy rain instead. It has been an ecessively wet winter, in any event. I hope our spring will be a good one to make us forget this winter. :)

  10. I'm glad to find out that those maps actualy make sense to someone.
    I'm lucky if I get that a southern wind would be warmer than a northern wind... I do like the little pictures that show clouds and sun peeking out or just sun!

  11. The continental divide keeps us in better weather than Denver.
    Sunny here but in the teens, very cold!
    I am hungry for lunch, wanna drop by with some hearty Mennonites food so I don't have to walk to someplace to eat? Brrr...

  12. Ps: keep an eye on Australia weather too. And pray for them.

  13. Lovella, you are making me laugh. IF you haven't visited Penny today at The Comforts of Home, you really must. One warning: you will laugh, you may even howl with laughter as I did, and then you'll wonder why since it's hitting us all a little too close to home. Enjoy!

    Thank you for the explanation of why you folks in BC get such wonderful weather so much of the time. Yup, 'splains everything.

  14. The longer I know you the more envious I am of your weather. I do think you live in a really delightful climate.

    We are doing well -- it's ice out there -- coating everything. Rachel had a bloody nose from falling while playing but otherwise the kids have a blast. We haven't ventured out yet...

  15. This comes from another one of your weather watching friends on the east coast. You provided me with answers this morning in relation to your weather. I found this so interesting. It also helps me know why you have the greenest grass and vegetation in the spring, summer, and fall. Your panseys are probably blooming by now:).


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