cooking classes at Lepp Farm Market

I'm always a bit of a keener so when we picked up Anneliese at 6:15 to travel 20 minutes for a 7:00 class . ..
she was not surprised and was ready.

Charlotte Lepp had suggested that we attend a class that Chef Dez was doing on appy's for the Super Bowl so a group of us signed up and passed on dinner in anticipation of the appy's later on.

When we arrived . ..Chef Dez was busy doing his prep work and we settled in the front row seats.

At each seat was a schedule for upcoming classes so we perused other possibilities as we could already sense we were in for a wonderful time.

OH . ..good grief . ..there we are.
We better pay attention at cooking class since it appears we are Sold Out. 
Crazy . ..just crazy.

When we asked them last year if they would come on board to sponsor Mennonite Girls Can Cook by donating to feed hungry kids.  .. .they jumped on board and have only looked forward by suggesting to us more giving opportunities.
We were blessed at their generosity and gave them a resounding . . .yes.

So .. .here we were.  ..ready for class to begin with Chef Dez.
Anneliese. . .Kathy .. .Bev and her husband joined myself and my beloved for an evening of fun and very tasty treats.

He started with the simplest Mussel recipe ever which was something I've never made . ..mussels that is.
Oh . .it was tasty. . .absolutely delicious.  I'll be serving that one at my next dinner party.

Oh . . just us   .. .having fun.

We had a lesson on the right way to hold a knife and were treated to his two slicing mishap stories which included trips to the ER.

Next. . . he made a fantastic guacamole.. . .which was put aside until the nachos were complete.

He made a fantastic fresh salsa which was colorful and flavorful and still makes my mouth water as I remember.

Then .. .he showed us how to make the most fantastic tray of nachos.
You might think there are no tricks left in making nachos.  .
but unless you've tasted his. . .
I expect you could learn a thing or two.

As he was finishing of the chicken wings.  ..we enjoyed our plate of nachos.
Let me just say here that the cost of the class was all worth it and then some.

Here he is using the juices from the wings for the glaze sauce.
In between the actual cooking instructions we were treated to one fun story after another.
I did have random thoughts here about how we will need to come up with a few of stories to keep our guests intrigued.

Wednesday night date night . ..
something I've never done but expect to find myself doing regularly hence forth.

Cooking classes are not all about learning . ..
it's also about spending time with people you love.  . .
sharing good food.  ..
and maybe even heading home with a new product and maybe a cookbook for some pretty tasty food.

all for now ..


  1. I can tell from here that you had a wonderful evening with good friends, good food, and some good learning, too. That food is so beautifully presented...makes me almost want to watch the super bowl and have a party. :D

    (As I recall, even Martha Stewart has been in the ER for using her knife improperly.)

  2. you girls all
    it looks like you had a wonderful time, i sure hope you share those

  3. Now that's my kind of class! :)
    Love to have those recipes, along with all his "tips", of course!
    Have a blessed Thursday,

  4. Looks fabulous and so much fun. We are moving home in a few months and I look forward to trying things like this. A fun fact is that when I was little we owned a hog farm right across the street from where the Lepp Market is now. We didn't live there but I have many fun memories. I think Rob might have even worked for my dad as a teen.

  5. It was a fun night....and I came home with a full tummy and some new recipes and kitchen tips.

  6. FUN! I've often thought that would be a neat thing to with seeing your 'play-by-play' of one, I'm certain it is!

  7. Yum! So glad you posted your experience...almost as good as 'taste & sniff'! So why am I craving nachos, salsa and guacamole right about now?

    Sold out? Wow. What fun.

  8. I'm going to have to google their schedule and then see if, the next time I'm in that area, if some of my colleagues want to try to attend an evening class. What a great way to shake off the dust of the day!

  9. Whoa! We are sold out! That's great and I know you girls will do great. What a fun event. The food looks amazing. Avocados are on sale here this weekend and I think I need to make some fresh guacamole for the super bowl game!
    Wonderful photo of you gals with the Chef!

  10. Lovella, what fun to read all about it here now! You are so good at doing a re-cap and making me want to go again ... The food was amazing ... although I did wake up with monster breath this morning. Why do onions and garlic make food taste so good?

  11. What a great post - you described the whole evening so well. It was fun and very delicious. And I learned a few new things - always a plus.

  12. I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to sit under his tutorial. He is so casual and lets you know very quickly, that he is having lots of fun.
    I'm sure you've picked up tips for your up-coming class.
    You will do an excellent job.

  13. Who would need to serve a main course after appetizers like those?
    Will T. be signing up for the men's only cooking class?

  14. Who would need to serve a main course after appetizers like those?
    Will T. be signing up for the men's only cooking class?

  15. That cooking class looked like so much fun! I wish I experimented more in the kitchen. I do love your recipes on the MGCC blog though. So cool that your class was sold out. You gals will be amazing, I know it.

  16. Oh my goodness that looks like FUN!!!! I would SO enjoy doing that with my sisters! Unfortunately, we leave kind of in the middle of nowhere and there aren't cooking classes nearby. Thanks for letting me enjoy one through YOU!

  17. Mussels are one of our favourites - so simple and delicious. And we have a factory just down the road.

    Never went to a cooking class although they have them at our Sobey's. Perhaps I'll give it a try. I looks like a lot of fun!

  18. My family's favorite 'treat' supper would be nachos and those looks amazing!
    Care to share any tips you learned?!

  19. What a wonderful place to take a cooking class from equally wonderful teachers! It looks like so much fun! The appetizers look delicious. Wonderful photos, Lovella!

  20. This definintely looks like my kind of evening. Friends, food, learning, and eating...what a special time together. Now that it is almost lunch time, I want some of each recipe.

  21. Fun!! Looks tasty!! And awesome that you guys are doing a cooking class!! My aunt is in one of your photos-my mom had invited me to join them but i was busy-looks like it was a lot of fun though! :)

  22. How fun!!! I went to a cooking class with a friend once and loved it!! I've used the recipes over and over again.


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