but can she do it blindfolded?

If you have been married as long as I have been. . .
you might need to think a moment to remember where you put your bridal memory book.
Do brides still do that? 
I recorded all the important bits of our engagement and even the very first grocery receipt from Safeway as a married couple.

Thinking about tonight and the Rollkuchen that I am in charge of demonstrating. . .
I remembered the bridal shower my sisters-by-love gave me.
My reputation for cookie making whether good or bad began in public on that evening when I did a performance of chocolate chip cookie making blindfolded in front of not only my family but also in front of my future mom .. .sister in law. ..aunts and cousins.

You can see my sister-in-law Ruby watching with amusement as I mixed cookie dough with gusto.
I remember they baked them up and offered them to my fiance when he came to pick me up.
He still married me.

Yesterday for supper my beloved was served Rollkuchen and Watermelon in February.
"never say never" I said as he walked into the kitchen.
As I had been rolling out the dough .. .I had been watching him through the kitchen window pruning our climbing hydrangea.  A proper Mennonite wife would have served him a bowl of Borscht with that rollkuchen but I was on a mission to be sure I had the recipe down pat.

I won't be taking my blindfold along this evening to cooking class.
I plan on having all my senses on full alert and if those fail me. . .
I'll just depend on my girls.


  1. Love my daughter's Rollkuchen with Watermelon - in the summer months! What a treat! All the best in your cooking class!

  2. I recognize the various white bowls from the 70's era (received them as shower gifts) and still use them on occasion. Hope your class goes well this evening.

  3. I remember that game being played at many a shower of the years. By now I sometimes think I could make some things blindfolded....but not tonight. Looking forward to sharing the kitchen with you and our other girlfriends.

  4. Ha ha - I remember those showers. Did they make you wear a bonnet made of the bows?

    I kind of like that cooking game - I think I'll store it away for a certain girlie's future wedding shower - she loves to bake :)

    It makes me smile to know you recorded all your engagement details and kept your first grocery receipt - so did I :)

    I can hardly wait for the posts on the cooking class - I only wish I could be there to join in the fun!


  5. Fun to learn what shower games the Mennonites girls play. Remind me someday to fill you in on the scandalous '70s era shower games that the southern California girls played.

    Wish I had a ticket for tonight's demo. Especially wish I could be in on the after party when the adrenaline level will still be way up and you girls will celebrating your success.

  6. Good luck this evening! I'm sure it will all go very well and you'll have a waiting list for the next class.

  7. Can't wait to hear about the cooking class!!! Hope all goes well. I think I would have fun giving one someday. Wish I'd saved my first receipt!! how fun. I have a habit of collecting lists I find on the floor of the supermarket -- interesting to see what people are buying. :)

  8. That's a real cute story. Watermelon and Roll-kuchen in winter?
    I hope you all enjoy yourselves together tonight as you debut your first class.
    I have never heard of mixing cookies blindfolded. Great idea. Have to save it for sometime yet to come.

  9. Oh what a fun photo that is! I'll have to tell my daughter to keep her first grocery receipt. My goodness I remember when two full bags only cost $20.00. Wish I could be a fly on the wall this evening! :o)

  10. Yes that game is still played :) Have fun tonight! I should sign up for one of those classes.... maybe the one around easter :)

  11. Blindfolded? I had to bake a cake with just the ingredients in front of me and no recipe.. but they let me see what I was doing. Your sil must have known you needed a challenge then already.

  12. I'm getting a kick out of your blog and Anneliese's today! See my comment I wrote to her... And as for rollkuchen, never had that either or even heard of it!

    How about shoofly pie? Or whoopie pies? Do Russian Mennos make those, or is it just a Swiss/German Menno thing? Good luck on your class tonight!

  13. Ah those good old shower games. Love the retro in the photo:)

  14. Oh the memories ..... Have fun tonight - wish I could be there Love Ruby

  15. You had the most interesting bridal shower. I've never done anything that fun at any I've ever attended. I think your beloved has got to enjoy all the cookbook preps and the foods out of season. Where in the world were you able to find watermelon in February?

  16. This is a wonderful and fun photo, Lovella!

    Rollkuchen with Watermelon sounds like a very special treat to eat in winter!
    Have a wonderful time tonight --you'll be great.

  17. I smile when I think about you whipping up a batch of cookies......gasp.....with no hand mixer!!!!! Hee hee.

    Good luck teaching!

  18. What a sweet story! Looks like you had a blast! Wouldn't that be fun to do today! I enjoyed my visit today!



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