Borscht Rollkuchen and Cinnamon Class

Going shopping at Lepp Farm Market took on a whole new meaning on Friday afternoon when we pulled into the parking lot at 4:30. With our list in our hands we went straight to their produce to gather the freshest produce and then to the dairy department to "buy British Columbia ".
Usually when I go there I mosey around the aisles looking for interesting products to try but on Friday we bee lined it back to their kitchen to start the borscht. 

Julie was our Borscht demonstrator for the evening and Bev was her assistant in chopping and moral support.

Charlotte Lepp (on the right) is the friendly  face of the market  and also the provider of confidence.
She gave us the "key" to her kitchen for the evening and left us to our chopping and preparations.

Borscht can not be cooked start to finish in only a few hours since good broth made by start takes time.
We worked around the time issue by cooking one pot of soup ahead of time so that the fragrance would greet the class as they walked in the door.

If you have heard the saying that many cooks spoil the broth ..
don't believe it.
If you can find some girls who are willing to share your kitchen full time. .
grab them. . .give them an apron and lock the door behind them.

Once we got going the fact that we had never cooked together before was all but forgotten.

We've learned that we all have our own way of doing things in life and in our kitchens and we're glad of it.
We don't need to be cookie cutter versions of each other. . .
we are simply thankful for the roles we play in each others lives. .
and learn from each other as we go.

OH. ..and the aprons were sort of new for us too.
You are the second ones to see them.
The class was the first.
If you want to see more of them. .
you'll need to buy a book.  ..
or come to a class.

Like Borscht. . .cinnamon buns need time too.
Kathy is the master sweet dough maker.
If you think you can make dough quicker with your machine than she can with her hands.  .
let me know.  ..I'd like to set up that challenge.

While we preparing our end of the evening.  .
the class was being set up.
They have enough room for half the class to sit at the counter and the rest of the class sit on high chairs at their tables.

There is no worry that they might no see what is happening in the pot. .
since they have overhead monitors to catch all the action.

While Kathy did a full batch of dough by hand. .
Anneliese did half a batch in the machine to demonstrate that technique.
They mixed in a certain style of synchronicity and I thought it a bit of a pity that music did not accompany their routine.

Once the dough was ready to rise.  ..
Kathy placed it in her bowl ..
and let everyone see just how smooooth. . .it should be. 

It was hard to see behind the scenes what they were always doing butt .. .
 I amused myself while I waited for my turn at the Rollkuchen dough.
I haven't any pictures of the Rollkuchen since that was my part of the demonstration.

When we announced crisp cold Watermelon to go with the rollkuchen ..
the class erupted in applause.
I had learned a not so humble and yet rather enjoyable technique from Chef Dez when we had taken in his class. After each menu item was handed out for us to sample.. he would in a louder than normal voice ask. . 
"so .. how is it?"  I liked his confidence in this question since he knew full well that no one would boo him out the door.  When something is tasty. . .you can go ahead and ask your guests "how is it".  .and then enjoy the applause and the murmuring of approval. 

Unless you have made homemade cinnamon buns you have something yet to try in life.
We asked the question and when some admitted they had never ever made cinnamon buns. . .we offered them several reasons why they should not delay.
I mentioned to the class that the scent of cinnamon in the home is often rather like a dab of perfume behind your ear to perk up your loved one. 

After the last of the class walked out the door. . .
we took our turn at the counter and enjoyed a bowl of hot borscht  .. .some rollkuchen and of course cinnamon buns for dessert.

We were told that we were free to go after we had eaten. ..and they would be happy to clean up.
We, being taught a thing or two by our own mothers.  ..
stayed and cleaned up our mess and debriefed and chatted away happily that our first ever cooking class had been a whole lot of fun.

Interested in learning to make Paska ..Zwieback and Green Bean Soup?
The information you need is right here.
all for now.  .


  1. What fun! I've already been to the site to figure out if I'll ever be on your side of the strait on a cooking class night..........

  2. Lovella, your pictures ... I can't believe the great shots you got while you were busy, yourself. It was a great evening! You just take new opportunities in stride .. put on a smile and go for it. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Lovella..what great coverage, love it!
    I wish I could have been there.

  4. Looks like one amazing event.
    I can't wait to get my fingers in their next time. The footage is great.

  5. Wonderful Lovella. I love your photos butt I'm glad mine wasn't in that one photo. The rest looked very good from behind. LOL!
    Love your new found confidence in asking the question...

  6. Oh I love seeing the fun! You were having fun I can tell. The aprons are fabulous! Now I can tell you one thing, I will not be welcoming that many cooks to my lowly kitchen...there'd be a food fight or something...but the kitchen you gals were using is perfect for such events. Here's to many more! Your adoring fans will love you for it.

  7. Borscht, Rollkuchen, and cinnimon buns - my mouth is watering...

  8. You did an awesome job of recapping our cooking time!:):):) From start to finish it was so fun sharing the kitchen with you and the other girls. Thanks for making all 10 of us aprons......they are now not only good in photo ops, but are coming in very handy.

  9. So much fun! Borscht, roll kuchen, cinnamon buns - oh yummy! Looks like fun was had by all.

    The aprons are great!

  10. It looks like a fun evening all around! You managed to cover the event quite nicely while on the job.

    And I love that the aprons finally came out of the closet! I'm looking forward to donning time.

  11. O dear, o dear, o dear. I would so love to eat rollkuchen and borscht and Zimtballen again, in any order, at any time.

    Pity that I am so far away from you.

  12. everything looks soooo good! The aprons are adorable :) If I lived in the neighborhood, I can assure you I would be a regular in those classes!!! So much fun!

    I can't wait for my book to arrive, I'm so looking forward to it :)
    Have a wonderful week, Lovella

  13. Can you imagine what this was like for me to be sitting here at my desk, in the early morning hour, with my hot cup of coffee, and reading this post. It is cruelty. Those cinnamon buns look so amazing!!! I wanted to just reach through my computer and help myself to one (or more) of them. What a fun adventure for you and your talented friends. God is opening many new doors for you all and I find it exciting that you share it all with us. I never tasted Borscht Rollkuchen, but now I would like too. As for homemade cinnamon buns...well, my mother and aunt did that once a year for many years, in my childhood. Thanks for the memories.

  14. Looks like you had so much fun!

  15. Wonderful, photos, Lovella! It looks like your class went well and everyone's specialties came out delicious! I really wish I lived nearby as i would love to attend a few cooking classes. The aprons look cute!

  16. What fun!!! And it looks like the perfect place for a cooking class -- well equipped! Loved the aprons. Wish I could have attended!

  17. Did you make those retro aprons or buy them! Id love to get myself one!

  18. Did you make those retro aprons or buy them! Id love to get myself one!

  19. Megan. .thanks for the apron compliment. ..I made them for the girls.


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