the birthday storm

Well . .that was fun!
It's funny how often it has snowed on my birthday over the years.
I can recall quite a few late winter random snow falls that have fallen on my birthday.
Yesterday's seemed so unlikely since we've had so few flakes fall but plenty of drops this winter.

The highlights of the day?
Movies of  pint sized kisses being blown my way and sent to my cell phone.
Phone messages of familiar young voices saying sweet birthday wishes.
and fun messages all through the day.

These phone  pictures are not all that great . ..
but not bad since their job was to document the snow.

We surely did enjoy our date day.
Lunch at an Italian restaurant. . .  ( you know you are getting older when you take your big meal at noon )
shopping for nothing in particular. . .
and home safely again to relax and enjoy the wind storm from the warmth of the bungalow.

Thank you dear ones for being so kind.
I had the best birthday ever!  (almost)


  1. Well you managed to make it to and back from the hardest area hit! Good for you guys. I'm glad your day was filled with lovelies....

  2. It's snowing again here today, so if you want to continue celebrating in the snow, you know where to head! I'm just about to hike down to the road to see if it's any better, or at least passable today. I would be happy to see it melting any time soon!

  3. Glad you had a fun day...and it was fun for me to get a picture sent from you while out and about.

  4. It sounds like you made the most of it...your special day in the snow! The east wind is howling over here this I don't think we will be back to raindrops any time soon.

  5. Love that first photo - you've captured it well! Happy Birthday - have a great year!

  6. Looks like the storms invited you into another era of life...I see the sun poking out and hopefully it will reach your place with pleasant smiles from my house. I love the adventure of your snow trip.

  7. Sounds like another memorable day! You love storms! or is it just wind storms? What kind of cake did you have?

  8. Glad you had a great birthday and fun in the snow. Where were you that you experienced so much snow. We didn't have any??


  9. They just keep getting better, eh? I'll have to keep that in mind. ;>

  10. Blessings for a great year ahead! The snow is so beautiful, but we know how confining it can be. But you did get out on your special day! Lunch specials are great ways to save and as you say, easier to digest earlier in the day! Happy Birthday!

  11. how fun to have snow on your birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic year!! :) All the best!

  12. A belated Birthday wish from the east coast!! Snow on your birthday? Well mine is the last day of next month - and I'm hoping there wont' be any snow left on my birthday. But with 6 foot drifts outside our door I'm not holding my breath!

    Glad the storm didn't stop you from celebrating!

  13. What a special way to document adding another year to your life. These last two posts were an indication of a lady who is loved and content. This sounds like a perfect way to celebrate 52 years of life on this earth. Wishing you many more and enjoying sharing the journey with you, via blogland.


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