winter walk

We finally have a bit of winter in the Fraser Valley.
Anneliese emailed me to see if we would come to their end of town to go for a walk with them. . .
and I coaxed them over to our end of town with a promise of fresh bread and soup and a Cherry pie for a post walk meal.

We climbed the hill close by to get a better vantage view of the valley below and the mountains in the distance.

It looks like we are in for a few more days of brisk weather.
We might live in Canada but when the temperatures go below freezing here . .
it makes the news.

Last night . .
the wind was blowing . ..
and I was keeping one eye open.

The flagpole grommet was clanging in perfect time to the wind gusts.
For the life of me.  .
I can't imagine why I like that. .
but I do.

all for now . .


  1. Love that twinkle of the sun shining through the trees! Now I know the kind of weather my sis and bro are enjoying in your neck of the woods! Lovely photos!

  2. I love that picture of Anneliese and her H! How neat that you all got together to do this. Beautiful pics! Love the new look of your blog, by the way.

  3. WHat a beautiful picture of H&A. The mountain views are amazing. We are in for a bit of fun weather....I know you love weather change. Nice change to your blog:)

  4. It's snowing here this morning, and we're told to expect up to 30 cm by tomorrow. I love to be snowed in!

  5. Beautiful country! And it certainly does look brisk. Did you stay awake all night listening to the flag whip in the breeze?

  6. Lovely way to enjoy friendship and the outdoors. Very wise of you to have the walk in familiar areas where you wouldn't need a compass to find your way home.
    What with magnetic north flittering off to Siberia now navigating by compass could accidently cause you to undo your parents trek and find yourselves in Russia again. :P

  7. Such beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous day and a lovely walk! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  8. That is such a beautiful photo with the sun looking like a star as it peeks through the trees.
    I had never seen your area of Canada until I started reading your blog and Judy's. It is such a beautiful area and you both do such a nice job of bringing out that beauty in your blog posts. I have it on my bucket list to visit some day.

  9. Lovella, I am still sorry that I did not take my camera. I will have to steal a few photos from you. We enjoyed the walk and the food ... you are always ready with something yummy!

  10. Beautiful photos...We have about two inches lying on the ground...and I love the clanging of the flag's my compass to see where the wind is coming from.
    There's nothing like a good walk on a cold wintry day.

  11. It looks beautiful!! What a great day for a walk!! I seem to always live when there are dramatic weather changes! But at least I have snow too! :)

  12. Beautiful photos Lovella! What a great walk and how fun to be close enough to Anneliese and her guy to get together...

  13. what beautiful clear air!

    i love the sound of the wind rattling things to . . .don't know why


  14. I have been behind on reading blogs.....all the snow pictures are beautiful. I find it so interesting learning about your weather, because I do indeed expect it to be harsher than it seems all the time.


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