I was sitting in the doctors office one day last week and appropriately remembered a book I have read many times to the grands.

Several weeks previous the doctor had instructed me to stop at the front desk on my way out and book a spot removal.

I booked that little spot removal and the morning of the appointment my beloved offered to drive me.
I am very relaxed about these sorts of things and he knows it and he knows I know it.
I know him good enough to know though he pretended support . . .
he was really hoping to watch.

He drove me to the office and followed me into the spot removal room and mentioned to the doctor that he has always wanted to try his hand at stitching.

I have always considered him to be a jack of all trades but I felt this trade was something he could keep in his bucket list.

He was allowed to hold the spot bottle and screw the lid on tight.

Today I go to get my stitches out.
He has offered to drive me again. . .
he also offered his services to remove them here at home.
I'll take him up on his driving.

I've endured enough snickers about my three blue whiskers.
To be fair. .
I have also been asked very kindly often if they are causing me grief.

So . ..the moral of this story is . . . .

I don't want  to go to live in the zoo. . .
so I'll just keep a close eye on my spots to be sure they don't get out of control.

All for now. .


  1. Brave girl! Since I live with one who does all his own surgery...well to a degree...I recognize that interest on your beloved's part. You've made this topic into a very fun post by employing Dr. Seuss's book.

    (I actually asked John to remove the 9 inch splinter in my finger a few days was a bit disconcerting to see the jack knife get whipped out. It was so, too, a 9 inch splinter. Okay, so it only felt like a 9 inch splinter.)

  2. Sounds like you enjoy doctor visits just about as much as I do!

  3. Good thing to keep an eye on one's spots and get them looked after. That reminds me, I have a spot on my back I can't see but my girls have said I should go to the doc to have a look-see!

  4. It's good to keep an eye on those spots. Blue whiskers??? That's a fashion look that just might catch on.

  5. Glad you got your spots all taken care of. You should have worn polk-a-dots to the appointment. Those Dr. Seuss books are a hoot!

  6. I love this post! I can totally relate! All the best on the removal of your blue whiskers! I think purple would be fun too :)

  7. Such a supportive hubby :) Mine wouldn't be interested in the least to watch. He doesn't like human blood and, believe or not, he comes from a butcher's family :)

    Hope it's not too ouchy - I had the same thing done last summer.

  8. Spotty fixed, here's hoping you will never go dotty.
    ( Does Canada refer to those with memory and thinking as dotty? I'm I going dotty because I don't remember?)

  9. Love your imagination Lovella. This is a wonderful post and I'm glad you are on top of your spots!

  10. Fun post about something that is not fun. Glad you had it taken care of... and all the best as you get those blue stitches out.Your B does not get squeamish?

  11. OUCH! I've been there...and all is good. It's so important to be proactive with all these funny skin flecks that come our way. I keep thinking they are all old age mom had them and so do I.
    Great way to humor us through your story.

  12. Good for you, Lovella, to have had your spots checked out and removed!

    I've had a few spots on my nose and lip removed but they were able to be frozen off. I always have them checked as soon as I feel a rough patch. Fair skinned people like us are so prone to sun damage.


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