I'm grounded . ..and happy about it

I realized yesterday that I do not seem to have Dorothy's Pastry posted on its own. .
and I made note to myself to do that soon over at MGCC.
The pastry is so easy to work with. .
even a three year old can roll it out. .
and roll it out. . .
and rereoll it out. . .
and then claim it is ready. .
and it is still turns out light at flaky.

The kids all wanted to come I wanted the kids to all come over Monday, the day after the big hoopla over at Global news to debrief.

I was just about to roll out some pastry for a chocolate pie in the afternoon when the offer to assist came swift and without hesitation.
Of course he could help.
The lil' farm hand whipped off his shirt. . .( I didn't enquire why). .
and proceeded to roll out the extra bits of pastry.

He did well.
I handed him the sugar shaker and the cinnamon shaker and he sprinkled a good dose of each on his rolled out pastry.

I started him rolling it up. . .
and he declared he could do it. .
and so he did.
He also felt quite adept at cutting off the little rolls and then assisted Grandpa in placing them on parchment paper.
He cleaned up. ..three year old style.

Kanneloni Macaroni. . .
pushed over a chair when she saw that it was time to wash the lettuce for the salad.
She took the washed lettuce out of the sink. .
and hucked placed it into the lettuce spinner.

I spun the lettuce and then held the bag for her to put the dried lettuce into.
This as you can well imagine . . .
made the job much longer quicker.

Eventually. .
all the lettuce made it all into the bag. .
and we drained the sink.

So. . .
the day after the big hoopla. . .
I was firmly grounded by the grands.

At dinner time. I was sitting between the two oldest.
I leaned over and asked Grandgirlie (who is also three) . . "did you see grammie on TV?"
"yup".. .
as though it was the most natural occurrence.

Yesterday it was back to normal routines.
I had a hygiene appointment.
I ran a bunch of errands.
Made my beloved's favorite cookies. .
and ran to the shop on and off to see what he was up to.

I did some laundry .. .
some ironing. . .
and joined some dear friends for dinner.

It might be a lot of fun to do things that we will only do once in our life. .
but at the end of the day. . .
if I had to choose doing either day only once in my lifetime .. .
I wouldn't trade my Monday for a year full of "that" Sunday.

 Remembering what matters most.

all for now .. .


  1. I don't have any grands yet but it sure looks like fun. Janna

  2. No doubt in my mind that you've just had the best kind of day there is. A 'one off' day is a thrill but the deep pleasure is in being grounded.

  3. Such a precious post. The kids are just darling....glad you could make that memory with them...doing what matters most.

  4. So adorable ... Oh those precious grandbabies ... nothing like them ... God's best idea! I've got 3 grandgirlies who are helpful as well! Thanks for sharing ... loved it!

  5. That's what I'd call a wonderful 'grounded Monday'.
    Love the post Lovella..such adorable photos!

  6. I totally agree with you...It's fun to have the hoopla...but how nice to come back and be grama to the kids and watch them whip off there shirts and spin the lettuce and just be themselves...That's what counts most in your life and it's so evident.

  7. Ah... the wonderful truth, itsn't it? ... and the cutes post, Lovella!

  8. In the pastry directions of Dorothy's Pie Crust you state to add "enough cold water to fill the cup with the egg beaten a bit ... and the vinegar". Are you meaning an actual one cup measuring cup?

  9. Your grands are adorable! I sense joy and contentment in each of your words and I understand that.

  10. When it comes to grands they are always first - if I'm famous in their world, then that's all the fame I need! smile..
    Looks like you captured a perfect day!
    So funny about the whipped off shirt -- hmmm .. maybe keeps the shirt clean while cooking? sounds like a good idea... skin can be easily wiped! smile...

  11. The "ordinary days" shared with family and friends and especially grandchildren, are always the best ones!

  12. What sweet pictures. I'll have to try that pastry - Pies are always a bit of a hit and miss thing for me so I'm encouraged that "a 3 year old can do it!"


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