how to ice a cake in one minute or less

Yesterday afternoon .. .
I was icing a cake to take out in the evening.
As soon as I started . . .
Kanneloni Macaroni's icing radar went off and she pulled the ever ready kitchen stool up to help me.

We both hurried. . .
I iced as quick as I could.  ..
and she made three consecutive swipes with her pointer finger.

A little crushed walnut topping and we were done in one minute or less.

Oh .. she cracks me up.


  1. So funny! I've turned around a few times myself to see a wee little finger that just could not wait for's their little giggle and smile that comes after I catch them that I love. Letting them have fun is just one of those wonderful gramma perks...isn't it!

  2. Darling memory! She looks so much like Hayley Mills. Wonder if Bea has seen some of those old Disney movies.

  3. Such a cutie..this is what memories are made of:)

  4. Those are the best recipes to share. Quick and easy...with just one big swipe and a smile.

  5. I love your big smile Lovella! This a lovely photo of you.

  6. She is such a cutie, Lovella! That cake looks real good!

  7. Adorable - with a capital A!

    Cake looks good too.

    And has there been a blog redo? Or was I too stuck in flu fog to notice? It looks lovely anyway!

  8. I was wondering when you iced that cake! The things we don't know that don't hurt us...
    I love how she is still mischieviously smiling down at that cake as you pose for the camera. The cake was delicious!

  9. I'm looking at this again today...
    It's my favorite.

  10. She is just too cute!!!

    Will come back next time I need to shorten jeans -- I can have that problem sometimes. Thanks.


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