Last evening we attended our local hockey rink to watch an ALL Canadian Match UP.

The Heat is our local AHL team.

I watched two little boys in front of me  that came with their Grandpa.
I was happy for them when popcorn and 7-up arrived.
They seemed so sweet .. .
and behaved so well.

The moose is our Vancouver Canucks Farm team so when they won at the end. .
we didn't lose.

Today Canada is going to play against Russia for the  Junior Hockey Gold medal.
Are you for us?
Canadians. .
we love our hockey.

Later ..
We lost.  .
They won . .

I felt bad for our boys. .
and happy for theirs.


  1. Go Canada! mom just loved hockey, she would still be cheering on her team too.

  2. Oh yes, all the cup games are on here. I spent most of our son's childhood shivering in hockey rinks, hands clutched around a cup of hot chocolate.

  3. You betcha I'm for you! (But I know very little about hockey.)

  4. Roger's keeping me informed with the Jr Hockey stats! I don't usually watch but I'm a good listener to important plays and scores.

    Someday soon you'll be bringing the grands along to the games - won't that be fun!

  5. The new color on your blog is so soft and beautiful! ... and the hockey pic looks great on pink too!Too bad about the game tonite!

  6. I like your perspective...I watched the whole game...and I was proud to see Russia win...They played like they deserved the win..
    Canada was smothered with medals last year...that was our turn, and now I'm ready to cheer on a team, who really played hard...
    Of course I'm still a true Canadian.


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