Hemming Jeans with original hem

I have shorter legs than I should have.
Over the years the jean hem has given me cause to grimace.
If the jeans are not too long I can wear a pair of heels and sometimes get away with the length depending on the brand.
Not all jean brands offer different inseams so what's a girl to do?

I thought that if this is my problem  .. .
it might be yours as well.

This solution isn't 100% undetectable but unless someone is really scrutinizing my hem.. .
(and now you will. ...)
I can get away with keeping the hem I paid for.

It's rather simple really.
I essentially put a tuck in the bottom of the jeans.

Try on the jeans and decide which length you want them.
Pin the jeans as I have done.
Try them on once more and check the length.
Stitch as close as possible to the original stitching without going over the original.
You want to stitch on the right side of the fabric hem. . not on the wrong side of the fabric just past the hem.
(you should be able to see my stitching in the photo below)
You want the original stitching to show.

This will work well for boot cut or skinny jeans but not as well on flared jeans.

After you have sewn around the hem. .
turn them right side out and press with a hot steam iron.

Now. . you can either cut the excess away and zigzag to keep the excess from fraying. .
or you can take the remainder of the fabric and do a blind hem.

If your denim is quite thin, I would rather recommend that you cut away the excess and zig zag
because the blind hem might eventually leave a tell tale "impression" on the right side.

Once you have done that. .
turn it right side out and give it a final press.

It's not perfect. . .
but then neither am I. . .
so it works.

All for now. .


  1. You clever girl! I agree that on jeans that original hem always looks the best...and now you have it. Good tutorial.

  2. Thanks! Very clever and a great idea... You are so creative

  3. I'm like you, the hem is a very special part of the jeans...but I don't buy jeans unless they are the right length...so then I have some jeans for heals, boots, and some for flip flops..
    But it looks like you solved your problem well...now I know where to come to have my jeans altered.

  4. I think this is great! The last place I bought jeans offered this service for free and of course I had it done. I thought it was a miracle... I know this shows my vanity.. wanting the look of the original hem ...but if it's possible, why not? I envy your sewing skills.

  5. Pretty sneaky there Shorty! Most generous of you to share your little secret!

    Now could you please explain how to make too short jeans longer? Without inserting a hippy style band? Sigh. Why do men get incrementally sized clothing, including inseams, sleeve length, collar size, jacket length etc. and still with all that still often get complimentary tailoring to boot?

    I think it is a plot to make us women just give up in disgust and just start walking around naked.

  6. You are brilliant!!! I might just have to try that because I too have short legs.......hmmm, now I might have to clean off that sewing machine cabinet!

  7. Yes, I'm not overweight, I'm undertall so I do have half of your problem. What am I missing here? Those hems look fabulous to me!

  8. I'm so impressed! That hem looks great!

  9. I remembered this and am back to get a refresher and try this on a gorgeous pair of gray trousers from Ann Taylor which I found with the $69.00 tag still on at the half price goodwill!!! (I think I paid $3.50)


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