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Do you watch Global BC Noon News?
If you watched it yesterday you will already know what this post is about.
On Thursday I received an email from Vineeta the producer of Global BC News.

She asked if I would be interested in coming in for a chat.
I emailed back and said. ..we`d all be delighted to come. .
She emailed me back and said .. . .bring one.

So . .I sent out an email to my girls and told them . . . and asked who would come hold my hand. .
and Kathy. . Kathy my friend for over thirty years. .
who knows everything about me and is still my friend . .
said. .
I will.

So . ..on Sunday morning we baked up a storm. .
dusted the flour off our faces . .
hopped into the back seat of the pickup. . .(it is often said that Mennonite the women travel in the backseat . ..really .. .we just love to chat  :)
and had our husbands . . .
drive us to the Burnaby studio.

On the way.  ..we practiced. . .and giggled. . .and panicked. . .and prayed.

We signed and clipped on our visitor passes . . and we sat down to "relax".

The waiting area had a TV tuned to the Hour of Power .. .
which is just before the News.

I often watch Hour of Power while I make brunch for the kids.
They (the kids. . not the Hour of Power people) had been notified that brunch was off.
I called all my "besties" at home. . . .
asking them to pray for us.
The home version of the Hour of Power in action.

We sat underneath the wall of news celebrities and watched the news.  ..
of course.

Vineeta the producer came to get us ..
and was happy to see the food.
Being regular Global TV News watchers. .
we know how they love it when someone brings food. . .
so we had already thought that one through.

The camera man put on our mics and asked told us not to talk during the weather.

The set that always looks beautiful when we watch it on TV was really all just a green screen.

Kristi Gordon the meteorologist was busy explaining all the rain we've been having. . .
and waving into the green screen behind her.

The guys. .
were allowed to come right into the studio and had a spot to watch from the sidelines.
We both .. .
as if we were synchronized women . .
handed the cameras to our men.

Sophie Lui . . .waved at them as she came to sit for the interview.

The camera man asked if he could unwrap the cupcakes Paska.. . .
and Sophie. . .did a thirty second .  .."hi ..I'm Sophie. .how are you? .. .is that the cookbook cover behind us?" and then the interview began.

They seems so nice when you watch them everyday on TV. .
and they are.
She was warm and if I really tried. .
I could almost believe we were just talking.

While the interview was going on . .
we saw Jay Janower the Sports reporter eye the food as he walked to the sports desk.

We also know by watching the Global Noon News regularly ..
that Jay Janower loves Ukrainian food.
And then. . .
five minutes after it began. . .
it ended.

On the way out the door. .
we stopped to chat with the producer Vineeta.

She was kind and gracious.

These are the people that we invite into our living rooms everyday.
I always wondered if they were nice. .
and now I know.

We went out to Cactus Club for a celebratory lunch.. .
oh it tasted ever so good.
I was reminded in the morning of the first time I can recall public speaking.
It was for my parents 25th wedding anniversary when I was 8.
My mom had picked out a 25th anniversary card and had me memorize the verse.
The morning of the anniversary when my sister-by-love was putting my hair up. . .(suddenly thinking here a similarity in public speaking events with my hair). . .
I told her I was terribly sick. . .couldn't go.
She said. . ."you are just nervous"
I said. . "I don't think so.  ..I'm terribly sick"
Miraculously moments after reciting my recitation in front of the church full of people.. .
I felt ravenous.  This was a similar feeling.

If you missed the interview. . .but you already know what Mennonite Girls Can Cook is cooking up.. .
then you know what we said. 

This journey with Mennonite Girls Can Cook continues to be a gift.
Thanks to Herald Press . . we hope to feed lots of hungry kids.

God is so amazing.
He has done this thing.
He alone is responsible for the gift of creativity and the gift of joy in giving and the gift of sharing friendships.

all for now. . .


  1. How exciting!!!! What a great opportunity! Thanks for documenting it. :) Wish I could have seen the news program

  2. I watched you on TV yesterday with my hubby and had tears in my eyes - way to go! You two were awesome.

  3. A fun day together....we will never forget! Our own camera men did a great job! Glad they came along for the fun.

  4. I wish I'd known! I'd have watched, but this was fun too. Sophie Lui is lovely - she used to be in Victoria and we missed her when she left.

  5. VERY exciting! Sorry i missed seeing it :(

  6. Great documentary here of your exiting interview on Global! Way to go! All the best with the book!

  7. We've been waiting for the details...could hardly sleep last night,and better yet, to share this experience with a long time friend.
    Aren't those guys a great support?

  8. Aw.. so nice to read of your experience and how you and Kathy made the most of it! Did you not want to be a News Anchor at some time in your life? I enjoyed watching the interview.. but seeing the behind the scenes stuff here is maybe even more interesting.!

  9. We all gathered around the TV and cheered you on. We smiled and giggled and Curt said, 'You KNOW them??'. I told him, 'Yes...do you want their autographs?" and of course his eyes lit up! Congratulations ladies!

  10. Oh how great. Love every shot. So glad the guys were there and knew when to click away :0)

  11. Congratulations!! So excited for you. Is there any way to see the interview online?

  12. Wish I could have seen it! Will it show up on YouTube one of these days perhaps?? But anyway, it is great that you had your own personal photographers along with you so we could see it here on your blog.


  13. Oh that is so exciting! I wish I would have caught that on the news, but sadly I missed it. I cant wait for the cook book to come out so I can buy it. I'm so excited for you all!

  14. So impressed to witness the many blessings the Lord is bestowing on your hard work!
    Wish you many more exciting adventures in the future!
    Congratulations to all of you!

  15. Lovella, you said nothing about this on Friday night! You should have asked for a tour of the studio. They do that all the time. What great exposure you're getting for this awesome cookbook.

  16. Looks like you had a great time and, I'm sure, did a great job. I would have been petrified and would probably still feel sick even though it's over. Can't wait to get the book!!!

  17. Will you remember us when you are famous? Oh, that's right you are already famous:) I am so proud of you all and how being such great cooks has turned out to be such a blessing. You both looked beautiful and seemed so calm and relaxed on the set. Thanks for sharing this fun and exciting event.

  18. Hooray! I'm just so thrilled at all the coverage the book is getting. A dream coming to pass.

  19. Wonderful post, Lovella... How different the set looks from the 'inside' !! smile..
    I watched you, of course, with a smile and a prayer !! and LOVED IT !! smile...
    Hey...who taught your guys how to take such great photos ????

  20. THis is so awesome, Lovella. I'm so proud of you. Incredibly exciting!!!!! The Lord has his hand of blessing on you, indeed.

  21. This is so exciting and such good publicity for your cookbook! I can't wait to get the copies I ordered when they are published this spring.
    I hope that the producers of BC Noon News give you a tape of your interview, Lovella, so you can put it on your blog! Your husbands took wonderful photos!

  22. I predict that someday you will have your own tv show and will be the soothing the nervous guest stars. Wouldn't that be cool?
    I am curious about what the two of you packed in your huge purses for the show. A complete change of clothes? I would have done that!

  23. I saw your entry on facebook but had to come over and get the full deal! I really wish I could have seen it on TV but am so glad that everything went well. You both looked beautiful! I am so looking forward to receiving my copy of MGCC book. Congratulations from the Maritimes!!

  24. PS - I knew a little about green screen - my band boys did it with their last recording - very cool!!

  25. It was so fun to watch our two local stars on TV!!
    Congrats to the whole Menno Girls Clan, What an awesome exeperince!

    Kudo's to your hubbies as well, Those are some great photos!

  26. Way to go Lovella and all the MCC Gals - You girls are fabulous! xoxo*S


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