the gift certificate

I'm back.

For two nights this week I was holed up at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort with my beloved.
I had been given a very generous gift certificate from my Mennonite Girls when we had our summit party this last summer.

I had tucked it away and every now and then checked with the resort website .. biding my time for the most opportune offer.

I saw that they were advertising a bed and breakfast for $99 for one double bed so I booked two nights and we packed our bags and left the farm in the very capable hands of our grown up farm hand.

While we traveled to the east end of the valley we were followed by some very ominous clouds from the west.  We arrived at the front desk and we were greeted by efficient and polite staff.
I mentioned that it was sure nice to be back again.
I also complimented the desk service on how much we loved our past visits and how we had looked forward to visiting them again.
With a smile   . ..she offered us a complimentary upgrade  with a king sized bed in the east tower facing the water.

That evening  while we were enjoying the outdoor hot spring. ..
I looked up at the lights on the roof and asked . ."are those  bugs flying around the light"?.
I was told with rolling eyes that those were not bugs. . .it was snow flying about being kept afloat.
He was right.
An  hour later .. the snow was falling in serious fashion and we ran for our towels and to our room.

The next day . . . I suggested that we go for a long walk in the snow.
I brought boots.  ..he did not.
We went back to the hot springs and the minutes turned to hours and before we knew it  ..
it was time to eat again.

Later. .
we went to the hot springs for yet one more mineral induced health benefit and when we were ready to go back to our room I moved just ahead of him to take the route directly through the lobby in my hotel issued bath robe.
I had mentioned that I like the lobby route better than the floor above the lobby route because there is more to see en route . .
but he being rather more modest than I always steered me towards less travelled one up level route.
I knew without looking behind me that he would take his route and so I walked straight through the lobby expecting to pick him up in the elevator when I reached the second floor.
The elevator did not stop at the second floor but rather took me straight to the third floor.
I wondered if he had hurried terribly and was now hiding in our room waiting for me to beg entrance.
I know this about him so I did not knock ..
I put my ear to the door to listen for his tell tale snickering.
I didn't hear a thing from inside but I did hear the elevator coming back up.
I did what any 51 year old woman would do.
I hid in the hallway across from our room.
When the elevator opened.  .
I heard the distinct sound of quick feet and I  saw from my vantage point  his card ready to quickly swipe and gain entrance.
That was when I pounced.

Good times.

That  night. .
we were fast asleep in our king sized upgraded bed from our reserved double bed ..
when a loud noise woke us up.
He sat straight up in bed and said in a loud voice. . ."are you okay?"
I said. . . ."who are you talking to?  .. .I am right here."
We looked at each other in a sleep induced daftness and laid back down and within a minute we both sat straight up in bed with the loud noise once again.
This time when we sat up we saw the bright lights of the hallway.
He jumped out of bed to greet our intruder.

The poor maintenance man on the other side of the security latch was so apologetic.
He had not been told of our complimentary upgrade and was doing his best to gain entry to a room that was his responsibility to upgrade himself.

Yesterday . ..
after yet another breakfast included with the package . . .we went to the front desk to settle up.
They asked if we had enjoyed our stay.
We did very much and then told them with a chuckle that their wake up calls in the middle of the night are most unusual.
She said then . ..
Oh. .. . .are you from room 3033?
Yes.  ..we were .
Yes. . she had heard from the maintenance man about his unfortunate visit to our room at 3:52 am.

So sorry they all were.
Things happen. . .
we were just fine.
If everything goes perfectly ..
there is no story.  .

So . .off we went with our new gift certificate for a night stay at their hot spring.  .
Happy were we.

all for now. .


  1. You are so right that if everything goes well there is no story! What a fun story you shared!

  2. Loved your story!!! that's so great. :) Especially about the new certificate. :) Yes, Michael would take the back route and I wouldn't mind taking the front. :)

  3. Was right with you in every word of this fun story. Sounds like a perfect gift from your friends and a special time to spend together for you and your husband. The snow was an added feature to your time together.

  4. You had me laughing as I could just see the two of you sitting up...your knight in shining armour jumped out to save you....I wonder who scared who more? A great story! So glad you enjoyed some time away at a beautiful location.

  5. I love a story like that. I just knew it was Harrison - someday I'll actually stay at that hotel, rather than its poorer cousin a block over. Maybe ....if The Great Dane would come with me......

  6. Great storytelling! Next visit your cookbook will be out, you will be famous and being stopped in your robe for your autograph. Terry's route will be a way to avoid your excited fans...
    Eagerly awaiting the next Harrison Hijinxs episode.

  7. We are heading there next month...can't wait!

  8. What a fun story to read, Lovella You had me giggling all through it! I never had the opportunity to try hot springs. It sounds so relaxing. I'm glad you had an enjoyable visit even though you had one early wake up call!

  9. Smiling..inside and out....At 51 one years of don't sound much different than myself, whether I'm in the elevator or where, always waiting to pounce and let him know...that I am his wife and never to look wayward.
    I love your bed story...
    Sounds like you both had so much fun...and looks like more fun to in the future.

  10. Sounds like this was just what the doctor ordered for those January blues. I loved your story and how you snagged another night with it...
    More to look forward to.

  11. Oh you gotta love a place that rewards kind guests like that! Woohoo another free night! So glad you made some fun memories...

  12. Sounds like lots of fun. I loved the photo you posted on your last post of the pool.
    I'd be willing to put up with a knock on the door in the middle of the night if it resulted in another night's stay. How nice for you.

  13. Oh Lovella you have me's worth 'speaking' at the right time and place:) What a fun time!

  14. I completely loved reading the adventures of your 'frugal finagling'.......worth every point of product placement for them........
    and all the more fun for Terry *and* that maintenance man.

  15. I'm smiling - and now a new certificate - that was worth a middle of the night surprise!


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