finding rest

I've been watching this little fellow through my front room window nearly every day during the winter months. 
Back in the 90's I filled baskets of hydrangea blossoms near the end of summer to bring a country crafty feel to the indoors.  Remember that? I  made hydrangea wreaths, tucked dried bits into the Christmas tree and glue-gunned individual blossoms to wooden crafts.

The last few years, I've been  leaving the  tired old blossoms on the plant.
I leave them on until spring and once broken branches begin to litter the garden from nest making projects,
I take my clippers and clean the old growth to allow the new growth room to sprout.

The little fellow and I have an arrangement.
I'll leave the hydrangea alone.
He'll come to rest away from the tedious squawking of the crows that sit on a telephone lines across the way.

Yesterday we attended a memorial for a very dear friend who we learned to know through marriage mentoring.  It was a beautiful service full of loving tributes and pictures and one amazing song "I can only Imagine".  I saw her little grands sitting there in the front row.  The family will miss this beautiful woman who somehow succeeded in living an uncomplicated life.  Marie's journey can be read through the words of her daughter-in-law here.  Like Marie, we will all pass from this world one day.  I learned so much from Marie as she rested in the knowledge that God was in control.  She said to me one day as I was visiting her.  "Lovella. . .I will not die one day sooner than God intends."  (she was smiling as she said this) 

Another family that I do not know but know people that are walking this journey alongside is saying goodbye to a husband and daddy today.  Jillian writes so beautifully out of her pain.  I just can't imagine what they are going through but I see that through her writing,  her journey will help others when they face difficulties that this world brings.  My heart is heavy for them today.  I woke up early this morning and prayed that they will have strength and rest in a day that should leave them exhausted and broken. I know that they are surrounded by such dear friends who are providing them little avenues of rest in the midst of the storm.

Early this morning I heard of yet another friend who's husband is in surgery.
I pray that his life will be spared and his loving wife will find rest. .
in the middle of this storm.

all  for now . .


  1. Such beautiful, hope-filled, thoughts Lovella. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants." I'm so glad that your friend had such deep faith in God's love and goodness. What peace that gives.

    I also have a dear friend,named Donald, who is waiting word for heart surgery - he and his wife, Doris, are truly resting in God's love.

    As I'm praying for them, I'll add a prayer for your friend too.


  2. PS - I really thought that was a painting at first glance. Gorgeous!

  3. Life is such a combination of sadness and joy. Would we know one if we did not know the other? Thank you for sharing this part of your journey today. It's amazing to hear of the strength of these women.. one in death and one in life. I will be going back to that blog again. I'm sorry for your loss or a good friend.

  4. It really does seem we are in an intense season of life and death right now. Praying the God of comfort will do His work on the hearts and minds of all these dear ones and you...

  5. From one another high? It's funny how we interpret a person going HOME...WE cry, we grieve, the loss of a friend, we hurt, we feel pain,for ourselves, for her grandchildren, for the spouse...
    I'm thinking of you during this time.

  6. I love the photo, Lovella and the analogy. I know your heart is saddened by your friend's passing but what an encouragement she has been along her journey.

  7. Beautiful stories that touch me deeply just now. Thank you for sharing the links. I was blessed.

  8. Beautiful words, Lovella. Life is full of sorrows we have no control over, but we have faith that sees us through them and which helps us carry on.


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