The end of January

It's shocking isn't it?
In some ways. . .
Christmas seems like months ago and yet the month of January has flown by so quickly I was amazed at all that has occured in the first month of this year.

We had blue sky yesterday as a weather consolation prize for the heavy grey skies that broke up the month  of the rain.

We took full advantage of the lovely day.
Though the wind gusted all day from the northeast . .
we walked quickly to keep warm and slow enough to maintain conversation.

I looked up at the trees. .
and can you believe what I saw?

On the second last day of January. . .
pussy willows.

Every season God is faithful.
While I was busying myself with things that may or may not matter most . . .
God was preparing the pussy willows.

I just can't begin to tell you how deeply that gift touched my heart.

all for now . .


  1. I'll have to pay attention on my walk today - pussy willows would be a treat!

  2. Ok, now I'm jealous - pussywillows are my absolute favorite sign of spring - but that's a loooooooong way off with all this bitter cold and deep snow.

  3. What a lovely and unexpected gift to receive on your walk. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Hooray for pussy willows - and the hope of spring. God's gifts are all around.

  5. It was a crisp one out there yesterday! I know how much you love pussy willows.....a sign of new beginnings.

  6. Wonderful. God is good, all the time. I wonder if I've waited to long to prune my trees.

  7. I snuck out between the showers last week to prune a small tree that should have gotten a final bit of pruning in Fall ... only to notice that it already had tiny buds on the tips ... In January! The promise of Spring is such a comfort.

  8. I like to think pussy willows are a more reliable indicator of spring's approach than ground hogs...

  9. Already? That can only mean that spring is around the corner. Enjoy your 'unexpected gift'!

  10. I can ditto your thoughts about yesterday. It became a real delight to feel the fresh air and north eastern breezes...You saw the pussy willows and I saw the ski hills...being at the top of Cheam.
    Spring is in the air...pussy willows and ski trips.

  11. I have always loved pussywillows! I looked out the window a couple of days ago and exclaimed in surprise that my lilac tree has buds ! Spring must be coming!
    Love the photo of the tree against the blue sky!

  12. Nothing like that here this morning..we are in a deep freeze and sitting at -42 with the windchill!
    I love pussy willows, a true sign of spring on its way!

  13. Pussy willows bring back so many special memories of my childhood. I am so surprised that you have them already.Beautiful photography!


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