Global TV Interview with Mennonite Girls Can Cook

I stumble. . .and look for words that should be there.
It is so humbling to see oneself in this format.
Without questions beforehand it is impossible to know what to expect.
We are grateful for Sophie Lui who was such a gracious interviewer.

When I review it. . .which I have done enough times now. .
I realize that it is not about us. . .it's truly not, but rather it is about being willing to share what God has done.. . and what he is about to do. . .and how he can use ten homemakers to do something beyond the perimeters of their kitchens. . recipe at a time. 

  We had purposed not to share the date and time of the interview because it is a quandary in our minds between humility and shouting from the rooftops that this journey moves on and we are hanging on for dear life.

I choose to look beyond the moment and look toward the goal. . .
walking with assurance that each day we are given opportunities and it is up to us to be ready to give an answer.

If you'd like to see the interview . ..
click HERE to the MPN website and scroll to the bottom of the page.

all for now. .


  1. You DO do so much more - one of my daughter's friends commented that she "could taste the love in my cooking"...after I had followed a MGCC recipe of course!

  2. I think you both did super! MGCC is a blessing and an encouragement, and the Lord's hand is clearly in all of this :)

  3. Glad you were able to get the clip up. A time to look back on as another step in this journey we are on...the 10 of us.

  4. You did awesome, Lovella! Congrats. Proud of you! ox

  5. I just watched. Well done!!!!
    You two are naturals in the kitchen AND on the TV :)

  6. It really must seem like a bit of a roller coaster - who could have known where the Lord would lead you! Such a beautiful project that will bless so many! Well done!

  7. Thanks for sharing this Lovella! It's great to see both of you in person and actually hear your voices. This was a great interview - congratulations!

    Now...did I miss the date? When will the book be ready for purchase?

  8. Sara, thank you so much. The book should be in our hands by June 1st. We don't have a firm date yet. The website can be accessed through the MGCC blog. . by clicking on the book cover.

  9. You both did just fine!! It was a short and sweet interview, very exciting for all of us who know you through your blog.

  10. Thanks for posting the interview, I am so thrilled to see it. Both of you did so well! Who would have guessed it would have come to this, I am so proud of you guys and I love MGCC and am constantly telling friends and family to check it out.
    It is amazing where God leads, and if we follow He has great blessings in store, more than we ever could dream.
    God Bless you and the girls as you continue to do His will and be used by Him.


  11. Shirley .. you have no idea how much it means to me to have you affirm us in this way. We go all the way back to sandbox days together and I feel so honored that you would support us like this.


  12. You both were amazing! I loved hearing words like "borscht" and "platz" on tv. Made me feel super proud to have a Mennonite heritage. :)

  13. It is a wonderful interview Lovella! I would have been so frightened and unable to speak on camera as I'm shy, but you both looked very relaxed and pleasant.

    My maternal grandmother immigrated form the Ukraine in the early 1900's so I was very pleased to hear where the first year of the MGCC cookbook profits were being donated. They will be so blessed by all your efforts!

  14. wonderful interview. I am so very proud of both of you...I would have been tongue tied. All of you, terrific opportunity to encourage others and noting the proceeds of the book going to such a great cause. Well done. I am glad you posted it as I missed it way out here in the boonies!

  15. I am so excited for you all ~ what a beautiful adventure this is!
    The interview was wonderful to watch ~ I'm always grateful to have stumbled upon this sweet place!
    ~ Maria
    ps. This book will be one of my daughter's birthday gifts this summer. She love MGCC too!

  16. It was so great that you posted this. For me, someone who has been following the blog for awhile, I really like being kept up on all that God is doing through you girls. I love that your blessings are blessing others. Fantastic!

    MGCC is a really great on line resource for me. One of the first places I will go to get a recipe, especially for baking.

    What a God inspired journey you have taken =)

  17. Congratulations! So proud of you ladies. Your passion is really well communicated in this piece!

  18. Thanks for posting the interview Lovella! You and Kathy both did such a great job!! I am so looking forward to the cookbook coming out:)
    Love your friend, Judy

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