2010 recap

The first day of 2010 was much like the first day of 2011.

I know what I'll be doing and my extended family knows what I'll be doing .

 . . and they come to join us for our annual Portzelky feast.

Someone wondered this year how many could be at the feast if everyone attended.
On the paper table cloth the tally was totalled. 
My parents who had five children,
now have 56 children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In January, we were very excited for the Vancouver Winter Olympics to begin in February so we drove into the city several times to see how things were shaping up.

In February, we hadn't had a speck of snow yet in winter so we went up to Manning Park. .

with our fantastic friends to go snowshoeing.

We were invited to a Opening Game party and the celebrations of our beautiful area began and we enjoyed every minute of it that we could.

Since I haven't yet been able to find the time to visit my friends at the Today show. . .

my beloved woke me up at 2:30 am on my birthday ..
and took me to Grouse Mountain to celebrate with the folks we watch every weekday  morning.

That was my best birthday ever.  I loved every minute of it.
We came home to watch ourselves on TV. . .
as he had also thought about that before hoisting me out of bed.

In March the spring flowers started to brighten the dreary days of winter and we kissed Spring hello.

Another huge highlight in Spring was going to the Tulip festival to meet Ellen in April.
Oddly .. .though the meeting of Ellen was all about Ellen. .
she is not in this picture.

At home. .
we started to look forward to summer.

We watched the raspberries let out for the season...

 . ..and went to Cannon Beach for our Spring RV trip.

In between spending time with grands and friends and family. .
I sewed a bit. . . planning and looking forward to a relaxing summer.

In April we  got a call from Herald Publishers asking Mennonite Girls Can Cook to consider publishing a cookbook.

We spent endless hours making decisions about which recipes to submit.

It was terribly much fun.

We  baked and cooked and took pictures and then remade the food when our pictures didn't turn out. .
and our families for the most part. .
were enjoying their part of the cookbook making process.

Summer arrived. . .
and the project continued.

We had deadlines to meet for each part of the book. .
we met and chatted and compared notes. . .

and stopped now and then to smell the roses.

While I was busy in the kitchen. . .
my beloved finished his truck. .
and we began to enjoy long drives and
did not get one speeding ticket.

I was amazed.

In between. . .
the grands came and went and I enjoyed the fact that they had no clue that I was working on a cookbook.
To them it was just waffles and french toast. . .and paska. .
in the middle of summer.

. . and in June. .we did what we always do. .  we ate raspberries. .
fresh off the plant.

Just as Kanneloni Macaroni turned one in July. .
she gained another little cousin who has been a tremendous joy in her peaceful spirit.
Baby Little Miss Muffet joined the family. 

In August we went camping to Manning Park. .
with friends. .

 . . .and more friends.

and two nights with the oldest two grands.

Grandgirlie at random times. .
says. .."Grammie. .let's go camping".
Yes. .we'll be doing that again.

The end of August. .
the Mennonite Girls Can Cook had our first ever all together summit.
We spent three days and evenings together. . .
and went away bonded and refreshed in our friendship.

We announced that we were making a cookbook. .
and had a draw to celebrate sharing it publicly.

Summer turned to fall and we wrapped up the manuscript and sent it off to the Publisher in October. .
and celebrated Thanksgiving.

I picked apples fresh off the tree and ate caramel apples and apple pie and apple perishky. .
all the while thinking I should be eating plain apples.

In November we went on our first ever cruise..
and did nothing but relax and read and eat and talk. .
It was fantastic.

I came home . .
and quickly got to my list of things I wanted to accomplish yet before Christmas.

I learned that when you don't pay attention. .
you miss things. .
you get things upside down. .
and sometimes .  .
though you wish you could get them right. . .that's the way they stay.

2010 was a remarkable year in many ways for me.
Many of the moments will be in my heart forever.
Some things I wish I could repeat a hundred times but never will.
There are things that happened that have caused me to see my weakness and through those things God is showing me his strength.

At the end of the day . .
I rest in the fact that God is sovereign.
He will walk through yet another year beside me. .
and I earnestly pray that in 2011 I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

May I be humble enough to be changed by him. .
Steadfast enough to stand firm in my faith. .
and quiet enough to hear his voice.


  1. I learned that when you don't pay attention. .
    you miss things. .
    you get things upside down. .
    and sometimes . .
    though you wish you could get them right. . .that's the way they stay.

    Lovella, that's the most profound thing I've read in weeks. Trusting in a God who loves us is the only way to get through.

    I loved the review of your year. It really was a great one for MGCC and your families. And why not have Paska in summer? That's what my beloved asks me all the time since having Paska. "Why can't we have this more often?"

  2. Loved the recap Lovella. I must say it makes my head spin when I see just how busy your past year was! And what a lot of super extra blessings. Can't wait to see what 2011 will bring your way! God Bless!

  3. What a busy year you've had, Lovella. It doesn't look like you've missed much of anything!
    You know, I was thinking, as I opened your post, that it must be time for photos from the big family do in your garage - time flies!

  4. Wonderful recap Lovella! What a year 2010 was! Blessings on 2011...

  5. Lovella.. what a fun review of the year! Beautiful pictures and thoughts. .. and I feel so blessed to be part of some of it ... it's been a wonderful year!
    I especially like the prayer at the end... about being humble enough to allow God to change me... steadfast in my faith and quiet enouhg to hear His voice. I say Amen to that.

  6. I enjoyed scrolling down memory lane with you. Enjoy the new Year and the wonder that goes with it.

  7. You presented 2010 in such a lovely way ... praying God's blessings on you yours in 2011!

  8. What a great year in review. It looked like you had a wonderful time. I'm really looking forward to your cookbook being published. So excited for you and the other girls.

  9. What a wonderful recap! I am glad you have so many wonderful memories to cherish.

  10. Your recap of the year is wonderful...without blogging how would we remember even half of the things we do and learn and enjoy? Many blessings to you and your family for 2011.

  11. A wonderful recapping of 2010 .. may your 2011 bring as many happy memories at the end of it!

    56 children multiplied from 5 .. Wow ! My Mom had 4 children and we number only 22.

  12. Hola Flint! It's a Proverbs 31 woman! What a great year you had. So many excellent highlights! Even Cannon Beach made the list! Right on! And Congrats again on the cookbook...saw the article in the paper while I was in Abbotsford at Christmas visiting relatives!


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