wrapping it up!

It is 5:55 pm on Wednesday evening as I write this.
My beloved is currently en route to the Chinese food take out to retrieve dinner.
He came in for dinner at 5:45 pm and I looked at him with the most "look at this pile of stuff all over the counter" look.
He wanted to know how come it didn't smell anything like dinner.
I moved my right arm in a wide arc to again bring his attention to the job at hand.
I asked him if he would like me to order dinner. . .
He did.

I then asked him if he could just take a quick picture before he ran out to get it.
He did.

That's just how it is some days around the farm.

Today I am going to a local elementary school to help the kids pick out some gifts from the free store that have been donated. ..and then I'll help them wrap those up.

Fun. . .fun. . .fun.


  1. Looks like you have things under control. Enjoy your day helping those little ones pick gifts for their families and wrap them up. i will pray for them today that God will give each child you help a happy home life this Christmas. It is so good when the communities come together to help those who may be struggling. I know you will bring a warm smile and kind words to the children.

  2. It looks so organized over in your gift wrap centre. I'm thinking of the mess I just cleaned up in the bonus room...where there was gift wrap, tissue, ribbons, tags, etc. spilling off the ping pong table. It feels good to have it all wrapped up, doesn't it?

    How was Terry's cooking?

  3. Chinese sounds great! All my gift bags are ready to go - taking the easy way out here! Yours looks like a very nice big surface to work on!

  4. I could have used some Chinese last night while I was baking non-stop for teachers' gifts. While my kids did get fed, I ended up eating some bacon dip and pretzels around 8:00. My husband is working out of town so wasn't home to do the Chinese run.

  5. My dining room table is piled with paper and empty boxes. When the house sleeps I wrap!

  6. Think of me on the east cost doing the same - sans Chinese - no restaurants for 30 miles! A frozen pizza is our emergency plan!

    I'm still laughing at t's expression in the post below!

  7. Ya know I always think I'm finished when all the gifts are purchased. Somehow the wrapping part is forgotten until...the last minute. I think I'll wrap this week instead. Thanks for the incentive. Love your wrapping station. :0)

  8. I like that. You are finishing yours and then off to wrap for someone else. I want to be just like you:) Proud of your organizational skills. I am getting there, really I am.

  9. Don't we all have these wonderful husbands standing at our beckoning call, knowing that supper will come but it doesn't matter where it's cooked....
    We're all busy finalizing things, but all is good.
    I love my big island...they are so useful.

  10. What a great place to wrap gifts! Much better than at a table or on top of a bed. Glad that your beloved is good at recognizing those arm sweeps. Hope that the Chinese takeout was yummy.


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