turning three

In the last eleven days.  .
we've had two birthday parties to attend.
Grandgirlie and the Lil' Farm Hand are eleven days apart and have now both turned three.

She.  ..is enthusiatic . . .cheerful . .loves to be teased by Grandpa  ..and very dear.
He. . .is rather studious . .. .protective of his little sister. .tender hearted  ... and very dear.

The two cousins hug often in deep appreciation for their friendship ..
and quickly forgive each others trespasses.

Her goal for the next year is to go camping . ..skating and swimming. .. and to be a good girl.
His goal for the next year is to go camping .. .swimming and skating . .and to be a good boy.

(okay ..maybe I helped at the end a bit)

Happy they are.  ..

This morning . .
we are thanking God for two happy .  ..healthy families.


  1. Precious family photos! And what a marvelous batch of cupcakes all decorated so beautifully with Woody looking all too eager to eat them up! Happy birthday to your two sweet grands who turned three. Nothing sweeter than kissing cousins. Now didn't the little grandgirlie pictured here just have a birthday back along a bit? (I'm pretty sure because I was in shock that a year had gone by that quickly.)

  2. The little grandgirlie pictured here is Kanneloni Macaroni who turned one in July. . .oh time does fly.

  3. Happy birthday to the three-year-old-hugging-cousins! How time does fly...I remember their arrival as though it was yesterday.

    Sweet pic's! The Li'l Farmhand had the perfect birthday cupcakes.

  4. It is just stunning to think that in just three years you've had four grandchildren added to the family tree. From zero to four in three!

    Fast work and good work there boys!You've made your mama proud!

  5. Time flies when measured by the birthdays of grandchildren. The birthday boy and his little sister are sweet - and so lucky to have one another. We'll celebrate a second birthday over the holidays and I've been assigned the creation of a dinosaur cake - trawling the internet for ideas!

  6. Super sweet!! Kiddies and cupcakes. Happy Birthday to your very precious grands <3

  7. Happy Birthday to the cousins... so sweet that they can grow up together! Cute post... cute family ... oh and I like Woody in the cupcake stand!

  8. Oh what a beautiful family they are! May all their goals be achieved!!

  9. Oh how nicely "Woody" and cupcakes go together to create a special birthday celebration for the little guys. Seems perfect for a little farmhand like he is. Our grandson asked for a Woody with batteries for Christmas. I guess that would make him seem real:) What fun it is for us to create birthday celebrations for them. Happy Birthday, to your two little treasures.

  10. I can't believe three years have passed already! Wow. Your family is beautiful.

  11. Sounds like so much fun...as you go through these years. We had fun with our little man...I love it!
    Cute cupcake tree.

  12. How fun!! I think I "met" you shortly before they were born. It's so wonderful for cousins to be so close in age.


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