Tortola and Antigua

On Tuesday morning we came into port in Tortola
and Wednesday Antigua.

Both days we took a walk about up and down the local streets that were close to the ship.

Sidewalks start and end randomly and we often found that pedestrians do not have the right of way . .
all over the world.

I fell behind in the walk abouts . . .

 always looking up at the flowers and. .

and at the yards.

Brightly painted doors and windows invited us into this spice house.

I love school uniforms. .
I've never worn one myself but washed several for 12 years.

A fine looking rooster. . .
made me think about home.

Town is busier when the cruise ships are parked side by side.

Nice to know the Royal Bank of Canada  has branches in the Caribbean too.

Nice to know that not all places in the world are worried about being politically correct.
I don't think that a public park bench would hold such truths at home.

This old church in Antigua was being renovated. ..
and we could not peek behind the fence but the old cemetery was open and we walked through the tall grass.

I did wonder if they have snakes there . .
and later someone told me they did not.  .
but I was brave ..
and that counted.

Big door. .
little door ..
(as I said that in my head.  .I thought of the grands . ..and the books I often read)

I wondered when the last time was someone unlocked this gate.
and then we thought about lunch and walked back to the ship.  .
and sat and read. .
and ate our lunch on the deck. . .
and I thought about the poverty we had seen just off the ship ..
and I tried to not feel unsettled about it all.

all for now.  .


  1. Your photos are beautiful, Lovella, in their colour, composition but especially in their view of reality. Your day away from the ship sounds just like the sort of day that The Great Dane and I would have - and then a return to lunch and read.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful views and insights with us.

  3. I know exactly what you mean...trying not to feel unsettled about the poverty lying just off the dock.

    Beautiful pic's! Some made me smile as I thought of similar ones I took on our last Caribbean cruise. Great memories!

  4. I doubt that you were successful with that...not thinking about it at all.

    Such wonderful photos... Thank you for slipping in the realities, too.

  5. The huge Pot 'o Gold. Flowers grew in my La Jolla neighborhood. As children we could not resist popping the ballot shaped buds, much to the annoyance of the adults.
    It strikes me that poorer people are more comfortable with bright colors in their surroundings while us North American rich drain colors from our neighborhoods, even mandating beiges in planned communities. The poverty of the wealthy world is our isolation and loneliness according to Mother Teresa. I wonder if suppressing color is a way of blanking out so we can't be found?

  6. Hi Lovella,

    I read your blog often but have never commented. I wanted to try to  ease your unsettled feeling a bit.

    I spent a week in Befate, Honduras this past summer... a humbling, challenging, life altering week. I have dear friends who are missionaries there.

    I too saw indescribable poverty and hardship. Upon returning home, I wondered how I would feel about the States, about our wealth, our ease of life. I wondered too how it would be to walk into my air conditioned, comfortable, clean home. Would I be unsettled? Feel overwhelmed by guilt?

    I found myself overwhelmed by gratitude! I am so grateful to the Lord for the blessings of my home, our healthcare system (!!!), my old minivan, going to the grocery store. I have not, nor will I ever forget the poverty, and I pray that I will always be grateful no matter what.

    Don't be unsettled Lovella. Be grateful and tell Him so!

    Love in Christ,

  7. I love that park bench. It really is great that so much color is used everywhere. Even that rooster is so colorful! Blessings...

  8. On our last holiday we did not see poverty, but I read a number of books that were unsettling in the same way. I wish the world's resourses could be more evenly distributed. It is good, though, to go and see ... and remember.

  9. I've never been to the Carribean. Your photos showed a side that tourists are not often shown in brochures. Beautiful photos!

  10. What lovely photos and such a colourful and interesting place. Thanks for taking us along. I feel the same way about the poverty that you do Lovella but really appreciated the slant your commenter Trish put on it. Truly we should be grateful each day.


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