Sweet Dreams and full tummies too!

My friend Dorothy from Sweet Dreams (click on the link for additional Christmas pictures of the inn) emailed me sometime ago and asked if we were busy  on Friday night.
She had double booked herself to serve a dinner and had a date with her hubby Richard to see a concert.
OH ..what to do ..
what to do?

We had a dinner party arranged ourselves but our guests were delightfully flexible to rebook.
It turns out. .
she had arranged a party for us.

We would have fun regardless. .
but oh so much more fun when she invited more friends to help.

Hilda. . .Ken and Linda and my beloved and I arrived in our serving duds. . .smiles on our faces. .
and a bit of energy for the task ahead.
It turns out. . .dinner was ready and we enjoyed a preconcert dinner sample with Richard and Dorothy before Terry chauffeured them to the concert.

The menfolk did the dishes after.
They carted the dishes from the dining room to the dishwasher. .

. . ..and then stored them away for future parties.

That. . .is what friends do.
They know they can call on us in a pinch.. .
and I surely know from experience that they always ready to return the favour.


  1. And it was fun. I can tell by the look on your faces. When friends are around, fun follows.

  2. What a blessing are true friends!

  3. And you all look so beautiful in your whites....so classy. That looks like fun when you all work together.

  4. That looks like a fun 'work party'! I don't think it would be much of a hardship working at that place...in good company.

  5. Aw.. that looks like fun! Beautiful pictures!

  6. how fun! I think I would enjoy helping out once in awhile.

  7. I got teary looking at you all. What great friendship you share. I loved this post!


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