St Lucia rain

Have you ever travelled with another couple and taken turns holding the camaera for photo ops?

We did that so often that now the pictures upon reviewing just make me smile.
Us.  .and Ken and Mary ..
same pose.

The morning that we sailed into St Lucia threatened rain to start the day.

We were one of the first cruise ships to come into port after Tomas the hurricane had cruised past.
We were told the island had been decimated and they were struggling to get running water back up and running.

The clouds began to gather overhead . .

 . ..and when the rain started we stood at our railing watching the mud come into the bay from the hillsides.

It rained hard for an hour or so . .
and then stopped for our walk into town.

No matter what the skies looked like. .
the temperature was always warm and comfortable.

The ship started following us from port to port.
The day before they had been diverted from the islands they were planning to visit when an excursion touring the island was held up at gun point.

Tired of crusing yet?
Tomorrow ..we'll take a break.

all for now . .


  1. No, not tired yet! I love the idea of lazy days at sea. Your same-pose-different-couple shots made me smile, as our album is full of the same sort of thing!

  2. Warm and comfortable - even in the rain. Hmmmm, a lovely thought. Not so thrilled hearing about someone being held up at gunpoint! Yikes!

  3. Wow. Such a beautiful place, yet such hardships they face. What money came to the island via tourist was likely to be lost due to the hold up with a gun. Sad on so many levels for so many people.

  4. What a fun trip to do with family. Lazy days....warmth of the sun...and good company to enjoy all the sights and fun with.

  5. My memories of St. Lucia do not include rain...but I do remember the people and the poverty.

    Tired of cruising? I think not.

  6. Nope. Not yet. It's a pleasant diversion.

  7. Not tired of cruising yet either. Love those evening shots.

  8. Beautiful picture of you & Terry!

  9. No not tired but we'll see what you are up to tomorrow...
    Wonderful photos.

  10. It must be fun to cruise with friends. Your photos of each other are so nice. Sad that an excursion was held up though...somehow no one ever thinks that can happen on a vacation

  11. Beautiful shots Lovella! You mentioned that you found it hard to view the poverty - I'd find that difficult too. Yet cruises help the economy. It's a dilemma.


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