St. Germain Bistro and the Old San Juan Cemetery

We arranged to have two nights in Old San Juan before boarding the ship on Sunday afternoon.
Our flight from Vancouver on Friday would be a long day and we decided that we wanted to feel rested and unrushed for the proper beginning of our vacation.
(Our cruise was one week. . .Sunday afternoon until Sunday morning.)
We also arranged for five additional nights on a beach in San Juan before heading home.

We were glad we planned this. .
it made our vacation seem longer with essentially three parts.

As I look at my photos again. .
it is easy to remember what I loved.
Asparagus ferns and other tropical plants grow at home. .
in the house and preferably with moist misted air to keep their tropicalness at their best.

After our tour of the fort we continued our walk through the cobblestones streets and eventually came to the St. Germain Bistro.

Before even poking my head inside I knew I wanted to eat there.
The lunch crowd had arrived just before us and so we happily rested on the benches provided outside.

Alright. .
I admit I was a bit parched and feeling the ultra moist warm air . .
I was glad I had the good sense to pull my hair up in the morning for our walk about.
I can't remember what I had to eat. .
it was delicious and if you ever go to Old San Juan. .
check out the link and walk up the hill for a flavorful experience.

and then guess what?
we walked more cobble streets.
I just so enjoyed them.
I tend to walk ahead . . .
thereby keeping the walk about in motion.

We walked up the hill again to see another section of the walled area that surrounds Old San Juan.

Between the two forts there is a beautiful Cemetery against the ocean cliffs.

In the center of the Cemetery was this neoclassical chapel.
The color against the ocean was stunning. . and I regret that my photos really did not do it justice.

Imagine the pounding of the surf. .
and silence.

From our hotel. .
we watched across to the pier. .
wondering which ship we would be boarding the next day.

all for now. . 


  1. Oh, Lovelle...thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and your stories with the pictures. What a beautiful place. And all the colors on the buildings.
    So glad that you had the opportunity to go on such a wonderful vacation.

  2. So happy to be tagging along via your pictures. The balconies are just so romantic; imagine waking up every morning and stepping on the balcony to sip your first cup of coffee.

    Being dead in that cemetery, with the surf sounds constantly in the air: I wonder when the trump sounds if the dead will rise and still want to linger for a bit.

    I did chuckle at the updo for humidity. It was in humid Houston that I wore my hair pulled back and up. It never was a particularly flattering look, but any other hairstyle besides a buzz cut was impossible to manage outside.

  3. Your photos and descriptions are beautiful! Love the streets! Again I have to say it looks lide everything got a fresh coat of paint!

  4. I think your photos are spectacular lovella! The one looking down at Old San Juan through the fortification wall was so beautiful! You must have walked miles!

    I always wear my hair up all summer long because of the humidity. It was a very humid summer this year and I am actually enjoying the cold weather more because of it! :)

  5. Like Jill...I am happy to be tagging along and taking it all in! It looks like a wonderful old city...with the best of views. And if the food was good as's all good!

  6. It's interesting how many of these posts resemble the European streets.
    Next you'll be cruising around the Mediterranean and you'll become the next tour guide keeping the action going.

  7. What an interesting place for a cemetery. Beautiful photos.


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