small camera left overs

So ..honestly. .
this is the last of the vacation.

I nearly thought these pictures were lost but found them in a folder way back in October.
I had not deleted the last of the pictures before we left for vacation.

We sat here on the deck everyday for our lunch. .
unless it rained hard.

Yesterday we had quite a rain storm here on the west coast of British Columbia.. .
but the rain we saw in the harbor of Saint Lucia was much worse.
You can see the mud coming into the harbor from the hillsides.

When that happened. . .
we ate inside.

OH ..and one formal evening shot.

The Las Americas Mall is really worth a visit if you ever travel to Puerto Rico.
It was all decked out for Christmas in November.

It was the most modern place in all of our travels.

 It is about 85 F all the time there.
I felt completely out of season wearing this sundress.
It seems. .
that the locals do have different season dressing.
You could tell who was on vacation and who lived there.
The people that lived there even wore jackets and most often darker colors.  .
it was November.

Their Christmas decorations were stunning.

The malls were full of people and more than one clerk mentioned that it was very busy now that Christmas was so close.

Ah .. just a few more beach pictures from the small camera.

I loved the beach.

Tomorrow.'s back to regular posting. .
my documenting of the vacation is offically over.

all for now . .


  1. Christmas in November...and such a beautiful one, too. I was intrigued by the wardrobe discussion and find it interesting that the locals dress in darker colors because it's later in the year. You looked fabulous in your sundress! Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation with us. It's nice to know that I can revisit it in the middle of January when I need to see some greenery and water instead of white and ice.

  2. You found some lovely places in Peurto Rico! We never saw much beyond the airport and the cruise ship terminal on our visit. Sundresses and Christmas nicely, I see.

    The muddy water coming in is incredible!

  3. Beautiful pictures from the little camera! you ever change? You look as beautiful as the first time we "met" in bloggie land years ago!

  4. Oh, thank you for taking me on your vacation in pictures. My hubby does not like boats or beach vacations, even tho we used to live in Pensacola, Fl. and go to the beach in the evening to watch sunsets. SO,
    again thank you for taking me to a place I will never get to go to and see for myself. You are wonderful for sharing.!! An ex Yupper from above the bridge.

  5. What a fabulous, virtual vacation for me! Don't know if I'll ever get there. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos!

  6. The tropical folks can sure rock a Christmas tree. Those were amazing! Isn't it kind of funny how the Northern America/UK has set the standard for decorating for Christmas? Even more funny when considering that the Christmas event was a desert event.

    You and T. looked so natural and happy at the beach. So glad your vacation time went so well!

  7. I loved travelling with you. :)
    What a beautiful vacation and wonderful memories you made!
    You are right - the decor is stunning! Those trees! So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us.

  8. Those malls just totally throw you aff in those places, don't they? It looks like the kind of mall we saw in much bigger than what we have here...and the tree! amazing!
    Love the picture of you on the beach..

  9. Wow that mud coming into the harbor is really something. What a contrast. Loved the rest of your photos.

  10. Your small camera takes wonderful photos! The mud scene in the harbor was a stunning sight to see!

    That mall was so lovely ..the decorations were really beautiful.


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