Sailing back to Puerto Rico

After a day in Barbados we set sail for one night . ..

 . . .one day . .

and one night.

Tomorrow . ..we'll take a look at the beach and the hotel where we spent the remaining five nights of our vacation.

all for now.  .


  1. What a beautiful night sky...

  2. Oh now those are glorious skies for sure. What fun to see them out on the ocean unhindered...

  3. The sunsets were available at no extra charge,right?

    Puerto Rico. Check the title... is that the Canadian spelling?

  4. Beautiful pic's of the Caribbean sky!

  5. I see you've been redesigning the blog again. Looks great. And that first photo is breathtaking! What glorious beauty the King of the universe creates for us!

  6. Beautiful sunset out on the ocean ... even where no one sees it.


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