I'm not going to try to pull the wool over your eyes. .
these pictures are from last year.
This year. . .the garland did not go up above the windows so I'm just going to enjoy it through pictures once more.

Yesterday  I cleaned up from the previous nights dinner party and made my list for final grocery shopping that I will do this morning.
We'll head out for early morning breakfast before we do some last of the year banking and business errands.

In the afternoon. . .
I'm going to bake a smooth vanilla cheesecake and get some appy's ready for our Christmas eve.
The turkey is thawing ever so slowly in the refrigerator.  .slowly.

These are the details that are easily seen.
Each day is a gift. . .
this whole week so special.

My heart is is full and ready to celebrate Christmas.

We wouldn't have all this. . .if it hadn't been for Jesus!

Just imagine .. . .that.


  1. These last few days before Christmas are filled to the brim with meaning and expectation. I know what you mean by that... So what if the garlands didn't make it up this year, every year is a little different and I'm certain that there is no less joy there. (It is gorgeous, though.)

  2. It's looking lovely over there...just like I remember it from last year!

    Enjoy your day of 'finishing off the lists'...and waiting with expectation. I'm doing much the same over here.

  3. oh my goodness!!! Speaking of thawing -- yikes! I need to go take the ham out of the freezer NOW!!! Glad you reminded me!

  4. May you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

    Isaiah 9:6

  5. Absolutely! I have cut way (and I mean waaaayyyy back on decorations this year so our focus can be on enjoying the reason for the season, relaxing, and enjoying time with family and friends. And I have had a much lower level of stress this year - I think it's gonna be a new Christmas tradition! Less decorations, more down time, much less stress, much more time to reflect on why we celebrate! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you so much for sharing bits of your life with us! Becky G. in GA

  6. The children are here, so nothing else matters. There will be good food and there will be laughter and pandemonium and some peace! I hope that your Christmas week will be a happy one, with enough of the pandemonium and enough of the peace to make you and Terry say 'it was the best Christmas'.

  7. My comments would be the same as Becky G's!! Have an awesome time celebrating that Jesus Christ is born!

  8. Yes! Thank you Jesus for coming and giving us Peace with the Father. Enjoy your time with your loved ones Lovella!

  9. A beautiful and inspiring post as Christmas day is drawing nearer.
    You are so right about each day being a gift. It seems the older I get the more I am reminded of how important it is to remember that.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  10. The anticipation, the joy, the love that fills the last days before Christmas !
    In bible study group this week we were talking about the ways our world would be poorer without Christmas ...
    May your Christmas season be all your heart desires!

    Your lovely photos bring back memories! smile

  11. The pictures are lovely.. but better still... the fact that you did not have to stress about it this year. The best home decor are the smiles that walk through the door and enjoy being there.

  12. I remember visiting your home last Christmas.....loved seeing it again.

  13. Looked great last year Lovella and I'm sure it does this year as well even if there are less decorations. I like what Anneliese said..the best decor is the smiles that walk through the door:)


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