island power

If he's said it once. . .he's said it a dozen times. . "it won't do you any good if you don't plug it in."
I said. . ." I always forget. . .it's in my purse and then I forget to pull it out and charge it."
He said. . ."keep it on the island and treat it like your notebook"
I said.  ."I have no power on the island"

We ran to do a few errands that day and on the way home he stopped at the hardware store. .
and later while I was making the cheesecake for Christmas day ..
He puttered. . .on my island.

That worked out fantastic for me. .
since I love a bit of company in the kitchen.

If it all goes according to plan. . .
I won't be running out of power the next time that call comes in.

There is nothing like having ones excuses.  ..removed.

Power. . .
was my Christmas present. .

 oh bliss!

We are heading out early this morning to make a round trip to retrieve the grands for Christmas Holidays.
I'll be back. . .

all for now. .


  1. It will change your life.......The Great Dane put power in each end of the island last year and it has made everything easier - not being chained to the counter by the power points is great!

  2. Ya gotta love a guy who can give you power when you need it! Now you can plug in a crock pot there too :0)

  3. I used to get the same scolding all the time.
    Bernie's comments as an electrician: Not too bad of a job if there is a crawl space under the house. US electrical code requires an outlet for every four feet of cabinets and any island. Wonder what happened when the kitchen was built. Hmmm, maybe Holmes on Homes could check it out for them.

    (All said before his first shot of morning expresso)

    So...did T. crawl under the house? Double good hobby points if he did!

  4. He's a handy guy!!

    Hmmm I like that post title - Island power! :)

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  6. PS: For you birthday have him put another one in on the other end of the island.

  7. That's truly a gift that keeps on giving and gets recharged over and will be ever grateful.
    Your island will truly become the workplace.

  8. Gotta love a handy hubby! Job well done!

  9. Power on the island..I could go for that! And the right company in the kitchen is always apreciated:)

  10. I had to smile... how many times have I heard that same scolding!

  11. Oh dear Lovella, this comes from one of your friends whose husband makes the same comments quite often, and the work has been done on my island for many years. I wish it was different. It is ongoing with us, he the one whose phone is always charged, me...the one whose is not:) I think there are too many other things for me to think about than my phone being charged, but I am sure this will not be the case with you two, now that you have the power on your island. It is a new year and I have another chance to get this right. Great post!

    ps. It is wonderful to have power on my island. I use it so much.

  12. Oh it's the little things like this that make things go so much more smoothly. What a wonderful hubby!

  13. That is a wonderful gift!!!! I am thankful my island has power -- perfect for baking.

    I'm also thankful I now have a phone (my sister in law gave me her old blackberry to use for 6 months). Now i have to remember to plug it in! And to carry it with me!!! one more thing to think about....

    I'm glad to see what you eat at Cousin Camp. Always fascinated with food...and I like that you have TWO highchairs!!!


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