house pan and chick feet

I don't have many shareable pictures of the days around our Christmas with the family.
When the hoopla is in the middle of the hoop. . .
the camera is not the first thing that is held.
I also neglected to remove the tell tale signs of smarties from the lil' farm hands face.
(am I bad?)

A week ahead of Christmas though ..
I baked up a "gingerbread house".
Sure. . .I cheated but I reasoned out if they will make a cake pan that plops out a ready made cake . . .
and you can buy a container of icing to do a child happy bit of decorating. . .
I'm . . .

I was going to make one for each grand. . .
but alas. . .
the stomach flu at grandgirlies house prevented them from being hungry for "gingerbread" anything.

I think we'll make up an Easter Spring Cottage. . her and I.

Oh. . and then there was the chicken feet.
The grands all got a nice pair of fluffy chicken feet from their great Auntie Brenda.
Kanneloni Macaroni. .
could not understand our mirth.

If I can ever get the three of them to stand still in a row at one time. .
I'll be sure to take a picture of that. .
but don't hold your breath.

Other than that. . .
the Christmas tree was de-ornamented yesterday.
I am not one of those that likes to have Christmas over the day after. . .
but we needed to move some decor for our New Years Day Party. .
and so it lives to see another day. . .
in the shop.

What about you. . ..decorations up. . .or down?

all for now. .


  1. Up, way up, until the Day after Ephiphany...

    Oh how cute are those chicken feet on your grandgirlie and smartie juice on your grandson. Perfect. Not to mention a perfect gingerbread house...gotta love that concept.

    Hope that everyone is feeling much better and able to enjoy the new gifts.

  2. Mine go up on our son's birthday - Dec 10 and come down on my sister's bday - Jan 2.

    Cute, cute gingerbreadhouse-maker and chickenfeet-wearer - they remind me of my babies, little blondies. Hope the grandgirls are feeling better soon!

  3. My tree is coming down today, mostly because it's a convenient time to do it but, admittedly, it seldoms stays up until the New Year. I love the pics of your adorable grandkiddos -- mine would definitely dig the chicken feet (I know I do!;) Where did you get the gingerbread house pan? I've never seen one like that and thought "Now that's a gingerbread house I could make". Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  4. I'm really itching to take everything down and get things "back to normal" around here! But I feel like such a Grinch doing so, so I wait...usually on new year's day, I start de-tinseling. Love the chicken feet slippers! LOL

  5. Up here until after New Year's Day.

    Your grandchildren are adorable. As I was scrolling down I paused when I saw your granddaughter's face. What came to mind was a young Doris Day. As I continued scrolling I laughed out loud at the chicken feet.

    I hope the stomach flu has hit the road and everyone is well again.

  6. Those chicken feet are so cute, but if I had to wear them I'd probably walk like a duck, lol! What a great mold for the gingerbread house - Easter cottage sounds great!Christmas decor goes down right after New Year - we still have another family Christmas celebration this week - unless illness that's lingering prevents them from coming. Have a blessed New Year!

  7. Those slippers.....hilarious!
    I'll have to find that house cake pan - what a great idea!
    The tree? Well, we always leave everything decorated until after Epiphany on January 6th. After all the hoopla (love that word!) leading up to Christmas it's nice to sit by the lit tree on these quiet evenings.

  8. I am smiling at each of those darling picture, and laughing at Aunt Brenda's clever gift. What a delightful time you have had!
    Our local paper suggested taking Christmas specific ornaments off the tree for New Years and replacing them with glitter covered cardboard numbers. I thought that was a fun idea.

  9. PS: New hymn for you house:

    "Oh Come Litle Children with chicken feet"

  10. You are so so right about the hoopla being in the middle of the hoop. Boy my lack of photos and then my lack of good photos was amazing...
    I still love those chicken feet!!

  11. This is so cute...You don't awlays need a lot of photos to make a blog.
    I love these shots..
    I love your idea of that ginger bread house. I've looked at I am convinced.
    If you can do it, so can I.
    We are always learning shortcuts eh?
    I can almost smell those Portzelky.

  12. What a great idea for a gingerbread house!!! Lil Farm Hand is looking so grown up!!

    And the chicken feet are hilarious!!! Especially with the sweet little curls on the back of the little chick. :)

    Stomach flu? UGH!!! It's hit us so hard that Christmas was chicken soup. My poor mom is sick today because she chose to spend Chrsitmas with us.

    Tree's coming down Thursday because 1) I like to have it down before the start of the new year and 2) it's off to decorate a wedding!!! In the mean time I'm buried under 2 months of receipts and a major overhaul of our closet so I can have a little reading corner just my own. Good news: I cleaned the downstairs windows and blinds today -- it's been on my list all year. That felt good!!


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