five nights at the beach.

We had an early departure off the ship.
I had wondered how they get everyone off the boat and get it ready for those waiting to come on.
The answer is . . .
tell everyone to put their luggage outside their room the night before. .
and then tell everyone to meet in their designated spot at their designated time. .
which in our cases was 8:30 am.. .
and then lead them to the entrance exit. . .have them scan their cards one more time. .
and send them down the gang plank.

We were fine with that.
If you have to leave you may as well.

We took a taxi to the hotel.  The taxi rates are all based on which zone you want to travel to and then how many pieces of luggage they will handle.
They like to handle every piece of luggage they can and Mary and I held tightly to our handbags so they would not need to handle those as well.

We arrived at our hotel before 10 am.
I handed the front desk clerk my prepaid voucher and she did the preregistration and told us she would call our cell phone when our room was ready  and to go ahead and enjoy the pool and the beach.

We did.

Our room was ready later in the afternoon and the unpacking of the suitcase commenced and was completed in minutes.

The hotel had excellent surroundings and our room was kept wonderfully clean.

We enjoyed fresh towels each time we went to the beach.
Every time we walked out to the beach . .
a hotel worker would ask us where exactly we would like for him to set our lounge.

The second day we were there rained and I opened up the yellow pages to find the nearest mall.
I'm realizing now that there are pictures on my desk top computer from my small camera that I tucked into my purse.
I thought this would be my last post on our vacation ..
but there will have to be one more to show you those mall pictures.
You might be wondering now.  .
why does she not go to the desktop in the office and just load the pictures and end this vacation.
Because I am sitting here with the fireplace keeping me warm ..
my Christmas tree is lit. .
and we are in evening mode.
There will be no getting up to go to the office this evening.

I just so enjoyed the orchids that were tied to the palm trees and were growing and blooming so beautifully.

This was the beautiful pool at the hotel.
We did not sit there once.
I have realized that many people don't like sand.
We do.
Every morning we walked  past the towel booth ..
asked for 3  . .one for him and two for me.
One to lay on and one to cover up with.
I did not bring a hat to the beach and thought so often that Jill would not be pleased.
I did however .. .and you can ask them. .
sit with my back to the sun and . . .slathered myself in sunscreen and covered my body with a beach towel.
I was the only odd looking one on the beach but I was happy and did not worry about burning.
I did not come home lily white though.
We spent time each morning and each afternoon playing in the water.

Terry worked on his Wilbur Smith book.

I worked on six or seven ..I somewhere lost count.

My favorite beach read was Maeve Binchy's Minding Frankie.  I sighed when it was over.
I read a non fiction book by Debbie Macomber called One Simple Act.  I have found her inspirational writing to be such an encouragement.
I also read Jeanette Walls Half Broke Horses. . .
and.  ..

The hotel itself was great.
The front desk staff has left we wondering . .
wondering if they will ever get our account straightened out.
I was very happy that on this occasion we used a travel agent who is completely sure she will get it sorted out for us and I believe her.

One interesting thing about Puerto Rico. ..
is their coffee.
If you order a coffee it comes with a good dose of hot milk.
I was a bit surprised the first time but after a few morning began to expect the coffee with the good dose of warm milk.
Even McDonalds. . .go figure.

We did find a Starbucks  and they do know how to make Americano's.  ..canadian style.
woo hoo.

I know it does not say Starbucks on the building above ..
but there was one in there.

Everywhere we went.  .
I was reminded that Christmas was only a few days away.
OH. .no. .sorry ..I meant to say that everywhere we went I FELT like Christmas was only a few days away.
I actually came home quite panicked to get my decorating done.

They might not know about black coffee. .
but they do know about Heinz ketchup and mustard . ..and Canada seemed a little closer.

Oh . ..but if you wanted a hotdog to go with that mustard . .
it would set you back about 12 bucks.

It really was a beautiful place to stay though. .
so I won't begrudge them their expensive hot dogs.

Remember how I told you that we took turns posing?
Ken and Mary in the lobby.

Terry and Lovella in the lobby.

and then every once in awhile. .
a person walking by would offer to capture the lot of us.

Good times.

Okay . .monday yet and then we're done.

All for now ..


  1. Those orchids! How ever did you resist photographing each and every one?

    The resort reminded me a lot of the resort we stayed at at Hilton Head. We mixed up our time between the similarly shaped pool and the beach, and like you, read, relaxed and soaked in the beauty. I'm afraid I would have to vote resort time over cruise time, in the end, with beaches like that one and all those wonderful flowers.

    Sigh. You remembered to slather sunscreen on the top of your head too, right? Oh my goodness, what ever am I going to do with you?

  2. Love those orchids. How wonderful that you were only a short distance to the surf and sand! Love all the photos Lovella.

  3. Well, I noticed that you liked the sand...I'm with you 100 percent...I need to be in the ocean and feel the best of being lathered..No more burning for this gal...
    Thanks for sharing these never know when the wind changes and I'm booked to head to the fact it might be a good place to meet my Mikki.

  4. happy sigh - from the title right to the group shots at the end. what a lovely vacation.

    I guess you wouldn't be surprised to know that I'd skip past the pool to get the beach would you? It looked gorgeous!!

    Thanks for the book recommendations - I've put my name on the list for Minding Frankie.

    Thanks again for bringing us along on your holiday :)

  5. That looks like a beautiful resort! How nice to have hotel staff at your beck and call...handing out clean towels and repositioning your chaise lounge! Hope you get your room charges straightened out.

    I like the sand and the hubby, not so much.

  6. Beautiful! So fun! It reminded me of where we stayed many years ago, but I'm told here that it's not. Even the sky looks like I remember it on a certain day ...cloudy... but beautiful to walk the boardwalk/beach.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! On this cold, blusterry Saturday morning, it felt like I was visiting it all with you. I did not even care about spending 12.00 for a hotdog. I liked your reading list and made some mental notes to myself. I like the way you all could relax for a few days, and I thought the pictures of the four of you reminded me of how much fun it is to travel with those you love. Thank you for sharing it all.


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