Christmas light tour

We did our annual drive to go look at local Christmas lights in the rain.
We should have started at the other end of the street but you are not allowed to drive on the left side of the road in Canada.
I will never make it in film school. . . or live television for that matter.

We so enjoyed our family over Christmas. . .and I hope you made wonderful memories too.
We still have one family gathering to look forward to. .
but in the meantime. .  .
I have
half a cheesecake. .
half a chocolate trifle . .. 
and more parties to look forward to.
Christmas. . .is definitely not over at this house.

All for now. .


  1. An impressive light show! We did the same last week - and the proceeds for that show went to the Children's Wish Foundation. We didn't have a live Santa collecting though - nice touch!

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your light tour. We almost missed that one this year!

  3. That was a spectacular show with so many points of interest. My favorite after the Nativity was the little igloo. What a great cause! I wish that our "local showman" would pick up such a worthy endeavor in this time when the needs are so great. Thanks for the tour! Keep right on enjoying Christmas!

  4. Great filming. These community light shows are so much fun. I have to confess something and hope Terry will forgive me: as I watched the video I was picturing the two of you doing the drive in his shiny blue Mercury truck in the rain.
    (Just thinking about that idea would probably give him a stroke...sorry!)

  5. Very nice show. It's not over at our house either. Enjoy the lingering celebrations!

  6. Your light show is great...but nothing was as great as your light show in your home last year.
    I still loved the tour.
    I wonder what you will look like at the end of the week...with all that extra food hanging around da waste...
    I just bought a big fat belt...It covers it all. Cheers.

  7. Such very beautiful Christmas lights in your town, Lovella! Christmas comes but once a year but fills our hearts with a joy that lasts for all the days.


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