Christmas Cousin Camp 2010

One of the most important reasons I blog is to record the memories that we are making so that one day ...
they'll know how much we loved them.

Some of the toys from thirty years ago are being seen through new eyes.

The last few days we've held cousin camp at the farm.

Little Miss Muffet came for 4 hours only. . .
and then wanted her mommy.
At five months old .. .I'd say she put in a exemplary effort.
Next year. . .she'll be waving good bye and not look back with the rest of them.

Generally speaking.  ..Wednesday and Thursdays are our days to do what we please.
Farm help arrives to do the basic chores and so we often make one of the days our date day.

This week . ..
we indulged in some serious  hilarious bonding time  ..
with the wee ones.

At seventeen months old Kanneloni Macaroni  has very little to say for herself and yet says surprisingly  many things with very few words.
She did not spend all day in her jammies. ..though she wouldn't have minded one bit.
She is most often found asking for her gauze blankie which she wears as a shawl.
Her baby bassinet is over one shoulder and she busies herself rearranging decorations.

At three years old .. .the Lil' farm hand and Grandgirlie. . .
enjoy doing all the same things.

We spent several hours each day outside. . .
wandering about. . .
checking things in the barn. .
and generally working towards exhaustion for naps and good appetites for lunch.

Lunch is fresh eggs from the barn. .
of course.

Last evening when the last two left with Omi and Opa for the second leg of their Christmas holidays. .
we took our time. .
putting away the toys.
We laughed at all the antics. . .the emerging personalities. . .
and the memories that we made.

Today. . .we are getting ready for more celebrating.

Christmas is still not over. . .
we are looking forward to the next 48 hours. .
with family .. .
and good friends.

all for now. .


  1. Happy New Year, Lovella - I hope your celebrations are lots of fun, although how anything can compete with the fun of having those little ones, I don't know!

  2. Well that looks like so much fun!! Good idea tiring them out exploring the farm. Did it work? Or did it just tire out Grammie? :)

    Enjoy your New Year's celebration!

  3. A whole different kind of fun! Happy New Year!

  4. Cousin Camp = one grand time + a multitude of happy memory-making events

    What fun for you! And how special for the grandies!


    PS: Happy New Year

  5. I can just imagine .... having just finished "winter camp" here too! One thing that amazed me the most is how a not quite one-year-old loved following the cousins... into the basement.. into the playhouse. Before they came she did not even know it was there.

  6. Pleasant pursuits. Oh my! I'd nearly forgotten that you have the four now. What a lot of love to share!

  7. Interesting how the family table not only supplies nutrition but also becomes the place for entertaining the grands. It's much easier at our age to play on the table level than the ground.
    I loved these photos...
    Keep celebrating....

  8. Gathering wonderful memories Lovella.

  9. Your grandchildren are so sweet, Lovella. You are blessed to have them with you during the holidays. My little guy is far away but we were able to SKYPE with him a little today and see all his new toys. His trains are still # 1 :)

    Hope the new year brings good health, happiness and many new blessings to you and your family!

  10. You should write a book on "how to be a fun grandma". You have the best ideas and the cutest little ones. I like how family is such a big part of your life. I like the little one's blanket as a shawl.

    Wishing you a special new year ahead!

  11. a Blessed Happy New Year to you and happy 2011 building of your 'farm' memories.
    Such happy glimpses into the cousin camp that the kids will never forget!


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