the caribbean princess

On Sunday November 14th we boarded the Caribbean Princess just after lunch.
When we arrived at the port we had our luggage tagged with the tags you print off at home which has your cabin number, port and ship that you will be boarding.
We left the luggage at the bottom and  walked on board and at some point. .
it was brought up to our room.

We cruised right through the security and walked up the steps to the seventh floor of the ship and crossed the gang plank the the world of someone elses's kitchen and someone else's bed making skills.

I didn't think to take pictures of our cabin until we had made ourselves quite at home.
We didn't know if we would ever cruise again so we had selected a room with a balcony for which we  mentioned at least several times a day that we were glad we had made that choice.
We generally slept with our patio door open at night.

We felt quite at home in the  . . .
a) washroom
b) restroom
c) bathroom

(who knew we all call is something different)

It was slightly larger than our RV washroom so we in felt we had room to spare.

I never did take pictures of my whole wardrobe . .
so here you have it.
One medium suitcase . .
one garment bag . .
two carry ons and I came home with some clean clothes.

I will tell you what I packed another time.

The patio was small with enough room for two chairs and one small table.
My brother and sister in law .. .Ken and Mary, had the room next to us so we had the divider opened between us and enjoyed sharing our breakfasts and late night snacks together on our patio's side by side.

I won't be taking you on any excursions because we didn't take any.
We wanted to take life easy on this vacation and as someone explained to us . .
Cruising is travelling not a vacation.
If you want to have a vacation you should probably go sit on a beach and take your stack of books with you.
We did love the cruise and took our stack of books to the pool. .
and didn't regret one moment of sitting there reading.

Each morning around 8 in the morning we would come into port.
This was one of our favorite times of day and usually tried to have our coffee on the balcony to watch.
Our first stop was St. Thomas.
We got off the ship and took a short taxi ride into the town and walked through the shops for a few hours.

We came back to the ship. .
walked the steps from our 11th floor to the 15th floor to the dining room. .
and ate lunch.
After 24 hours at sea I still did not feel one bit seasick and was so happy that my ginger pills were enough to keep my tummy calm.

We had dinner at six everyday . . .
right around the time we would set sail for the night.

all for now . .


  1. It all looks lovely!!! It's so much fun to see your room and the views, etc. Never been on a cruise myself...

  2. Great to come here and catch up on your fun vacation and see your gorgeous photos! Ooooooing and aaaaaing here! Have never been on a cruise - but we keep talking about it! Singing the doxology or some other great hymn would be just like me!

  3. What a nice room and the balcony is wonderful.

  4. You have my blood arushing...You did the right thing. On Med. cruise we took many excursions, but how else would you see that history, but next time I will take it much easier.
    I love how you described the's so exciting to know that you had your first cruise and all the anticipation around it.

  5. That balcony was a super good choice! Good that you recognized that it would be when choosing your options...sometimes better is way lot better! Looks as if you have plenty of time to relax and unwind and that's the important thing. I doubt that I shall ever cruise, but I certainly have enjoyed seeing yours.

  6. All the "saint" islands are on my wish list. Since I won't cruise again I am not sure I'll manage seeing them...but shall instead depend on the kindness of fellow bloggers to whisk me there via blogdom instead.
    Terry seemed to be scowling in the picture of him on the balcony. Was the butler late with his coffee perhaps?

  7. It seems you took a traveling to see many places while not going much further than the wonderful balcony and the sunny pool. Seems like a perfect combination to me.

  8. This is what I've been waiting for - a look at the enchanted world of the ship. I like your take on a cruise holiday - it sounds a lot like mine. Read, knit, nap, swim, eat, chat, dance...not in that order, but a little of all of it!

  9. We also sailed with the Caribbean Princess this last spring...'looks just like our cabin, balcony and all! Thanks for sharing...'sounds like you had a great time!

  10. I like seeing the details of the ship and the sites. I can almost smell the ocean air as I went down through each of these pictures. Your room was far nicer than cruise rooms of 20 years ago. Beautiful pictures!

  11. I've enjoyed cruising with you! So fun to see the sights. YOur room looked so roomy and comfortable too. Kathy

  12. Your cabin is identical to the one we had during our Alaskan cruisetour aboard the Island Princess. It was quite a comfortable space and we enjoyed a game of Scrabble every evening on the balcony while whale/seal/eagle/puffin/iceberg-watching. We enjoyed the cruise, but we definitely enjoyed our week on land exploring Alaska. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Puerto Rico through your camera lens!

  13. I don't think it took you too long to get used to that routine! I don't think it will be your last cruise. We've never had a balcony; next time!

  14. Your cabin was so nice and large and a balcony is always a fun luxury. The islands look so warm and inviting.

    I've only been on a cruise once, but I hope to do it again one day as it was very relaxing and we met such nice people onboard.

  15. Such fun!! YOur room is lovely and I can just imagine mornings out on the deck. Happy sigh . . . thanks to you and Terri for taking us along!

  16. Your room was beautiful! just like a hotel - and the balcony would be a must!
    I felt myself relax just reading your post ! smile..


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