always kiss me goodnight!

See the look on his face?
What do you make of that?

We were recently in our local Christian Book store and had gone our separate ways to poke around.
I turned around to see him coming towards me holding this sign.

He knew. . .he just knew I would get a chuckle out of it.

We were with some good friends one evening and the conversation turned towards good night and good morning kisses.

I said. ."you get good morning kisses?"
She said. . ."oh yes.  ..every morning."
I said. . ."really?. . . I have to sometimes even ask for a good night kiss!"
She said. . ."Terry. . .that is terrible"
He looked at her with much the same look on his face that you see before you today.

She said to him. . "I'll be holding you accountable. . .I'll be asking"
I just smiled.
That is what good friends do. . .keep our husbands accountable.

Dorothy .. .this post is for you.

all for now. .

all for now.


  1. Dorothy must be smiling and Terry must be wondering about her powers. LOL! My aunt and uncle have a sign that says this over their bed. I think it's a great one. (I'm just a newlywed so I don't have to ask yet. And the day that I do, I'll put a friend on the case.)

  2. I think he has that look on his face because he knew his picture would be featured on your next blog


  3. Now all of blogdom will hold Terry accountable. I personally am adding a hug to the"to do" list too!

  4. i always wanted a sign like that. on our wedding day, a good family friend told my husband to kiss me every day - and he has done so every morning, night and in between for almost 7 years! I love that sign :)

  5. It's amazing what can all be found in the Christian bookstore these days!

    Did you get your 'good morning' kiss today?

  6. I am chuckling over here! Love that look on his face. LOL!

  7. Looks like that sign was made for you! =) I wonder if someone will come up with "Always kiss me good morning." Just does not have the same ring to it...

  8. I love this. Smiling from the inside out, here. I'll be asking my boy for a kiss tomorrow morning as I am one of the lucky who get one every night.

  9. It is so true that kisses should welcome the day as well as end it ... life is too short not to!

  10. I was in a similar kind of Christian bookstore today and was looking at these same plaques. I personally liked the one that said:

    "Good Morning, this is God. I will be handling all of your problems today." :-)

  11. It obviously rubbed off on him...and he still looks like he's trying to make it up to you....

  12. Hilarious!!! The picture of Terry and sign are perfect!!! Michael is now well-trained and doesn't forget. :)

  13. Don't we all sometimes need to be reminded to do those little things that keep our love fires burning? Not a bad idea to have that little sign up on the wall.

  14. A smile for my day. My daughter just received that as a gift at her bridal shower. Good advice for a young couple, and good advice for us "older" couples. I've seen that look on his face from someone else I know.
    Fun post! How about the middle of the night kiss?


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