the zoo and all the extra space within

Once a year I like to bring something home for our grands to play with in the bungalow.
The new kids get a bit of the short end of the stick as they continue to play with what was brought home for the older siblings.  Eventually it will be their turn to play with the new toys. .
which will be old news by then.

This big 244 piece set looked rather exciting with promises for hours of fun for both boys and girl.s
The box was big. .
always a good sign but it did have a good shake to it which did leave me wondering about how much available room was still inside the box which comes well sealed.

When I opened the box. .
I smiled at the zoo inside.  It was a bit of a mess. .
so I appropriately sorted it for your viewing pleasure.
Lately it seems that you can not make a purchase at a store without them asking if you would like to spend the extra few cents for a sack to carry it home in.

This box. . .leaves plenty of room for this purchase and several other purchases along the way.
Someone in the company has not yet concluded that cardboard costs money too.

Regardless. . .
it seems it will be a zoo around here. .
off and on.

All for now. .


  1. Oh boy...look at all those pieces :0)

  2. But it's the big box that makes for a whole lot of anticipation! =)
    Enjoy the zoo!

  3. Excess packaging in almost everything I buy - arghhhhh! What a waste! But your grands - and you! - will enjoy the zoo!

  4. And so many pieces to put together!Children's eyes light up when they see a large box.

  5. I looked at that very zoo, thinking of the little ones who will arrive in a few weeks - then decided on the Playmobil dinosaur. Maybe the zoo will come next year!

  6. They'll love it. Just love it. I don't do nearly as well as you with the new toys, but I do have a few new books.

  7. We know about those Zoo's. Yes, i agree...that on my last trip I carried the largest Toy Story Bag.
    I was favored to be the best grandma on that flight.

  8. Extra space or not, it will keep them entertained for some hours and that is what we look for. I smiled at your last sentence.

  9. Ohhh .. a zoo! hours of fun !!
    I remember finding really nice farm/zoo pieces at the local dollar store.. I bought everything they had in series.. cost me about 35.00 and the girls played hours and hours with it... and still talk about how much they loved it !
    Old fashioned games win over new fangled glitz!


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