to the airport

How does a girl dress to go from chilly to tropical?
It was harder to figure that out than packing the rest of the case. . .though I did spend a good deal of time making enquiries from those who have travelled the sea before me.
Since this was our first cruise and an experiment to boot ..
it seemed that covering my bases was only prudent.
I had been told by my beloved that cruising would not be in my future since driving around town on a drizzly day gives my tummy certain upset.

One damp day in spring my brother Ken came to the door with a brochure of the Caribbean with pictures of palm trees and aqua blue waters and a cruise ship that promised to deliver nothing but smooth sailing.
It's all about timing.
I whipped up a big bowl of homemade noodles and casually mentioned that every marriage needs to take time away from farming and daily life in bungalows.
He agreed.
I called my brother Ken and told him to line us up.
He did.

On November 12, after a night at the Fairmont at the YVR in Vancouver,
we boarded our plane and headed south for 3 hours and 55 minutes to Dallas, Texas.
We adjusted my watch by 2 hours. .
boarded another plane and headed southeast for 4 hours and 40 minutes to San Juan, Peurto Rico.

We adjusted my watch yet another 2 hours to Atlantic time.
We hailed a taxi and drove 20 minutes to the Sheraton in Old San Juan.
arriving at out hotel near midnight. . .
I was not sleepy.
Old San Juan was.

(confessions from the bungalow. . .I'm posting this from home. . .I had the last two weeks scheduled . . .
the vacation is over. . .the laundry is done and the suitcases are going up to the attic and the Christmas decorations are coming down. . . .
let's just all pretend I am still away . . . I plan to relive it all this week)
all for now. . . .


  1. Looking forward to cruising along with you from the PNW!

  2. Aha! That explains the limited posting and the "little computer access"!!!! Can't wait to hear and see more about your trip!!!

  3. Fun! Looking forward to reading about your trip....and seeing the sites along the way. Kathy

  4. Looking forward to hearing about the cruise!

  5. I'll be back to find out more...the musician and I have never been on a cruise...he's the one with the delicate tummy/balance issues and will not spend time aboard a ship....

  6. I'll be interested in reading more, esp. about what to pack...we leave for our first cruise at the end of December...Hawaii here we come :)

  7.'ve come clean! There was a a good reason things were rather quiet in your corner of blogdom these past weeks. We look forward to hearing the full report!

  8. Welcome home! I look forward to seeing your photos are hearing about your cruise!

    I took a cruise once, and it was to Canada! We left NYC, sailed up off the coast of New England to Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Newfoundland, down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec, and then did the same in reverse. We loved it!

  9. I'm guessing that if you want to pretend that you are still there, and you want to relive it all, you must have had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. What a fun adventure.

  10. I love airports... there is such a sense of excitement , expectation.. a connecting with a world beyond!
    I look forward to hearing about your travels to a different world !


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