spectacular days of autumn

I've decided for sure now ..
autumn is one of my favorite seasons.

When I hear the wind blowing the drying leaves outside and the temperatures are warm enough to coax me outside without a jacket . . .
I like to pretend these lovely days will be with us for another month at least.

Autumn seems really late this year.
We remarked 2 weeks ago that the tulip tree in the backyard hadn't changed color at all ..
and the oak tree hadn't lost a leaf.

Thursday of last week ..
the master painter turned the oak tree rust.

All that is left now is one good wind and we'll be out there raking and blowing them all to the field where they can winter as they please.

Since I took these pictures. .
the trees have begun to serioulsy shed.
I love crunching through leaves ..
always have. .and always will.

All for now. .


  1. Glad to be going through blogland to extend this special time of autumn through all the photos everyone is sharing. Our leaves have been all down for a couple of weeks, but we've got beautiful warm days to enjoy!

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  3. Our trees are the same. Just last week they started turning quickly and with a few windy days it is now raining leaves.

    I love the color of the rust leaves! Fall has been my favorite season for a very long time. Enjoy your beautiful weather! :0)

  4. There are no more leaves on the trees over here, but then there weren't many to start with! We mainly have cedar trees by the pond. I love to crunch through the leaves on a fall walk - so satisfying!

  5. I really love autumn, too! It was really great how swiftly the colors changed last week...

  6. Autumn is beautiful! It has been getting chilly here but the trees are still colorful and I am savoring the season as long as I can.

  7. I love autum too! Last week I had my camera on my walk and this morning I wished I had it again...don't know what I will do with all the pics, but it's just so much fun to capture these amazing colors!

  8. It is my favorite season too. The colors are just THERE, no way to avoid seeing them both up close and in the distance, the scents of fall are so distinctive and the sunsets rock too. It is so wonderful to have two and a half full blown months of fall color here! Enjoy shuffling through the leaves with the little ones!

  9. Isn't it amazing how quickly the leaves will turn from green to gold?

  10. I'm thinking the leaves look more beautiful this fall than ever before. I'm enjoying them while they they last!

  11. I agree, I love the fall season...I can hear you crunching those leaves and I hope I get to see those oak leaves rustle through the winter months. Enjoy this season of candles, long winter evenings, stoking the fire and sipping on hot apple cider.

  12. I love to crunch too - plus autumn air - it's like a tonic!

  13. These pictures and my visit here, is the best way to help my autumn season last longer. You are definitely behind us in the season's spectacular displays. Most of our leaves have already changed and fallen from the trees, so I will come and look at your pictures to make it last longer. It is most certainly my favorite time of the year. Enjoy my friend.


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