shoeboxes for boys

Monday at 11:56 am ..
It was my turn to send the manuscript back to the editor with my version of revisions to her edits.
After a week  in the office I consulted my calendar and was happy to see that a day away had been booked.
On Tuesday morning I changed my outfit twice as is my custom .. .
put the Borscht in the crockpot to warm up for our supper with the men.  .
and happily went off for the day shopping with my girl friend.

We ticked off the items as we found them and while I was at it. .
I looked for a few Christmas gifts.
I've been picking up small things for sometime now and have them stored hidden  in secure places around the bungalow. The grands have no concept of snooping through bags that are clearly marked with their favorite store plastered all over it. I have a system. .it works for now.

Most gifts are not wrapped until I can put it off no longer.
Two gift boxes though. .
are packed and ready to go.

Christmas Shoe Boxes. .
the container will be going across the ocean soon. .
and two little boys aged 5 - 9 are waiting on the other side.

All for now. .


  1. I love doing the shoeboxes - we should get all our Christmas shopping and wrapping done that early!

  2. I have the empty shoeboxes...and an assortment of things to fill them with. I think it is time to assemble.

    Hope your day out on the town was great fun!

  3. Thanks for the boxes just need the toothbrushes and hard candy and they are ready to go.

  4. My mother said, "She must have boys." "Yes," I said, "two boys, but she is a grandmother with some of each." My mom is interested because she is working on a girl's box. She has two daughters, three granddaughters, one grandson, and two great-grandsons. We're just wondering if one reverts back to the children. I'd have to do one of each. :D

  5. Awesome! We have done this with our boys and girls club at church, great kind of project to teach a different kind of Christmas giving. I have a friend who was in Albania last year and witnessed children actually receiving these gift boxes. Understandably, she said it brought tears to her eyes to see the JOY!

  6. I, too, am filling shoeboxes -- such a small gift to light up the life of some girl or boy far away!

  7. I, too, am filling shoeboxes -- such a small gift to light up the life of some girl or boy far away!

  8. I, too, am filling shoeboxes -- such a small gift to light up the life of some girl or boy far away!

  9. Those shoe boxes are great. What a great project. It's a beautiful day today...enjoy!

  10. Are those boxes a Canada or Mennonite thing? Do you know if they are distributed in America too? I love "covering" the Christmas for children that otherwise would go without.

  11. I will answer Jill's question for Lovella. Samaritin's Purse, which runs the Operation Christmas Child program, is non-denominational, and international. The head office is in NC, US. If you google either one, you will find lots of information including how to fill the boxes. Dairymary

  12. You are so faithful in sending off those shoe boxes.....a great encouragement to give to those less fortunate. Hoping your day out with the girls was a fun time....we all need time out with friends. Kathy

  13. I love supporting Operation Christmas Child! :)

  14. Across the country in our home, we too are filling the boxes. We are thrilled for the privilege. So exciting to hear you all do it too.

  15. Two more boys will have big smiles on their faces this Christmas! I'm thankful for organizations that make this possible ... as little as it is, it is big for those who receive them.

  16. What a wonderful thing to do for two boys in need! Are they going to Haiti? Is it too late for me to get boxes like this to help?

    My church works with a local charity that serves the many needy in our area. We are collecting food items to distribute for Thanksgiving and soon each member will chose a child or children to buy gifts for Christmas, who would otherwise go without.


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